Some Freebie Giveaways – Elizabeth Arden Lip Pencils, Collection Lipsticks and Clarins

Hi My Lovely Beauty Babes!

A few freebie giveaways have been popping up on my radar lately and usually I don’t like to do posts on these because I think the chances of winning aren’t especially high so it doesn’t warrant a full post by itself, I want to actually generate content that’s helpful and not do a post for the sake of it.

So instead of just doing isolated posts about just one giveaway I thought maybe I could do a post with a whole host of giveaways that I’ve spotted and I think are worth your time =) I’m going to talk about 3 in today’s post so you basically get 3 chances to win something if you enter everything!


So first up we have Elizabeth Arden lip pencils from! As the name suggests, Lipsplash specialises in lip products and most specifically they sell luxury lip cosmetics at discounted prices, not heard of them before but they sound like a company after my own heart (they had me at ‘discount’).

The lip pencils will be a metallic shade but besides that there’s no clue what colour exactly they’ll be, I’m guessing a pinkish shade like the ones in the picture?

In any case, they have 100 of these up for grabs. I think 100 is a good number that gives good odds for people entering it, I usually wouldn’t really bother if a giveaway only had, say, 5 products up for grabs, that’s a little ridiculous!! It sounds like I’m being ungrateful (it’s still a free product after all) but if you keep in mind that companies are also getting publicity off of this that would definitely be above and beyond the value of the 5 products then I think it’s a little disrespectful of consumers/followers time to not put something more worthwhile up for grabs.

Anyway, back on topic, good one Lipsplash as the lip pencils are worth £15 so they’re essentially forking out £1500. Will definitely be heading back to this website in future to see what other deals they have!

To enter just sign up here, a very straightforward process! I notice that on their form they have a ‘How did you find out about the giveaway’ option and if you feel so inclined I’d really appreciate it if you could choose ‘other’ and put down my blog address or blog name =) Not that I think they’ll even notice but it’ll be helpful!


The 2nd giveaway I’ve spotted is also a lippie related one and there’s also 100 of them up for grabs (I sense a theme here…).

This giveaway is being hosted by the brand Collection and the product in question is their new range of Deluxe lipsticks, significantly less in value but to be honest the lipsticks sound very lush (shea butter, vitamin e and the like) and the shades look gorgeous!

You can tell they’ve put thought into their product here as the lipsticks are all retro-inspired with names such as ‘Prohibition’, ‘Speak Easy’ and ‘Silent Movie’. Quite clever and actually does make me want to buy the product.

This is probably the most straight forward registration I’ve ever come across, just pop in your email address and check the ‘Terms and Conditions’ box, that’s it!!

Swoosh-Logo-Reverse_HomepageThe 3rd giveaway is being hosted by SWOOSH which seems to be a deal-spotting site akin to Wowcher.

The prize is a huge basket of Clarins Beauty products worth up to a whopping £500 each! There’s only 10 of these up available but considering the price of each prize I can understand why.

I’m not very familiar with Clarins myself but I see they get good reviews and I know they’re a reputable and good skincare/makeup brand, needless to say no one would sniff at receiving the prize!

You can sign up for this here.

And that’s it from me today! Remember to let me know your thoughts and if you win anything =D



Lemme know if you win anything =D

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