Leibster Award! (blog awards exist??)

Exciting News! (well, to me)

I’ve seen this Leibster Award floating around a few times but never thought I’d get nominated for it, being a very new blogger, also previously I didn’t even quite know that community-based blog awards like these even exist so it was such a pleasant surprise.

First things first, I really want to thank Kierra from A Pretty Thought for nominating me, I do genuinely enjoy her beauty/fashion blog so please pop over and visit it! Thanks Kierra!!!

Yay, a pretty badge!

Yay, a pretty badge!

So, Leibster in German means ‘beloved’ and there’s a set of rules for this award (I’ve seen a few permutations of these actually but I think this award is really about getting to know more bloggers and spreading the love!).

1. You have to link back to the person that nominated you
2. You have to nominate other bloggers (people with less that 200 followers)
3. You have to answer the questions given to you
4. You have to create another set of questions for whomever you nominate
5. You have to notify whomever else you choose to nominate that they have been nominated

So read on to see my answers to the questions, my set of questions and also who I’m going to nominate!!

Kierra’s Questions:
1. Who is your style icon

– OOoo, good one but a toughie to answer!! Is it a cop-out if I say I really, honestly don’t have one? I like to follow various different trends and most recently have been loving the cutesy Korean styles and Hongkong styles =)
2. What inspired you to start a blog

– I love reading about beauty and fashion, that’s a huge factor in this. But I think what really made me want to start the blog was my love of freebies and budgeting advice, when you see a good thing you just want to share it and I felt I wanted to share all my freebie deals with more people!
3. What do you look for when following other blogs

– Hmmm, I’d say unique content, personal opinion and a welcoming personality! It’s like what I look for in a friend as well =)
4. Name 3 things or places that inspire you

– The V&A Museum, pretty blank notebooks and the Book of Psalms

5. Are you all about
a. Hair: It makes or breaks an outfit
b. Shoes: What’s an outfit without a great pair of shoes
c. Makeup: Makeup is my favorite thing

– I’d say… out of these three, the makeup definitely! My hair’s very long, straight and flat, a huge bother to try and style! As for shoes, I love them but I tend to value comfort over style. I’m not a pro at make-up by any means but recently I’ve been finding it more and more fun experimenting with what I can do!
6. If you could add something to your blog what would it be? For example if you currently write about Beauty, what’s something else you would like to write about.

– Creativity/Fiction! Writing for stage is one thing I already currently do as part of my work but I want to experiment with prose as well and it would be great to have an audience to get feedback from.
7. Name 3 of your favourite blogs

– The BritishBeautyBlogger, I check her site daily and she updates 3 or 4 times a day, she’s someone whose opinion I completely trust and who never fails to deliver!

A Model Recommends, who I also check daily, great stuff on this blog!

Vicki’s Beauty, whose blog I only discovered after I started blogging. I commented on one of her posts and surprise-surprise she popped by my blog! Very supportive and lovely person, great blog, so worth reading and following =)

Okay, so on to the blogs I’m going to nominate, I’m nominating these because they are all great blogs that I enjoy reading so I’d love it if you’d visit their blogs! Also, I tried to avoid choosing people who’ve recently received the Leibster Award, thought I’d spread the love and was afraid it might get annoying to have to do the same competition tag again! Am not actually sure how many I have to nominate, I tried to find out but sometimes it was 10, sometimes 11, sometimes completely unspecified… so I nominated loads =)

Vicki from Vicki’s Beauty

Erin from Smiles and Sparkles

Aoife from A Little Infinity

Libby from Splishsplash

Lopie from Lopiesteaparty

Charlotte from Madame Eghiz

Deborah from Deborah.Says.Beauty

Dixie from Dream Curls

The questions you’ll have to answer are:

1) If you were a season (spring, summer, autumn, winter) which season would you be and why?

2) What person inspires you the most?

3) Who was the first ever blogger/vlogger you followed/subscribed to?

4) Why do you blog?

5) Name the 1 beauty product that you have the most of in your beauty cabinet (I have loads of mascaras, I don’t know why I can’t stop myself from getting more!)

6) Shoes, Bags or Accessories?

7) What was your favourite childhood fairytale/story?

Looking forward to all the answers!! =D



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7 thoughts on “Leibster Award! (blog awards exist??)

  1. Omg, we’re the same person. I absolutely adore the V&A, it’s possibly my favourite ever and I could spend hours there, and it’s almost a sin how many notebooks I have floating about. Each one is taken out as a new project begins. Love the feel of a new notebook!

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