AWESOME Deal Alert – Charlotte Tilbury Free Make-Up Goodie Bag + Sneaky Pre-Launch Pop-up

Hellooooo pretty ones!!

I’m sure everyone’s read enough of the launch of the new range by Charlotte Tilbury by now!

If not, there’s a really comprehensive review by the BritishBeautyBlogger that includes loads of swatches. On Charlotte Tilbury’s blog she mentions a small handful of publications (magazines/newspapers) that ran preview articles about the new range and the BBB’s is the only blog on there, this is how you know it’s a great post that stands out and is worth reading. Plus, for some reason, I never see swatches on official publications, they always just pop a promo picture of the product on and that really tells you nothing about how the product will actually look on your skin! Hence why I’m pointing y’all to the blog post and not one of the magazine articles (if this needed justification…).

So, anyway, my post today isn’t about the range itself, except suffice to say it’s been highly lauded by the beauty world at large and looked to with anticipation. It’s definitely not in the ‘budget’ range but it does fall into the ‘high-end but worth the money’ range.

The ‘worth the money’ part is why I’m this excited about the freebie offer because that makes it extra generous and wonderful!

Basically, on the day of the Charlotte Tilbury Make-Up Launch, there will also be 30 goodie bags given away!!


The CT official logo, I’m still getting used to it but here’s to hoping it’ll become an familiar industry staple in no time!!!

The make-up bags will be given to the first 30 customers who get to her make-up counter, so I’m guessing this is going to generate a huge queue for the goods and also some nice publicity shots of people queuing early in the morning for the launch.

Perhaps it’s silly in today’s world full of consumerist culture and capitalism to seek for that brand that you ‘connect to’ but I do still get that warm fuzzy feeling when I think I encounter a gesture of sincerity from a brand. Of course, the giveaway is partly a promotional thing (as I kinda mentioned above) but considering the huge hype/secrecy surrounding this launch and the demand that there must be for it, this is something that CT doesn’t need to do, there would be people at that launch anyway!

Each freebie will consist of: a new, signed limited edition make-up bag (each personalised by CT herself!), a mini pot of CT’s Magic Cream and a complimentary smoky eye with Team Tilbury (another personalised gift!).

Personalisation does seem to be a theme, which is another warm-fuzzy-feeling-inducing thing, as CT has curated her collection to suit 10 unique looks each representing a woman and her lifestyle (ok, perhaps categorising people into 10 styles doesn’t seem like ‘personalisation’ to you but 10 is far more comprehensive than the average makeup brand would cover).

The range is also thoughtful, as CT has stated on her blog that she wants it to be ‘Easy to Choose’ and ‘Easy to Use’, oh thank goodness! I’m by no means a make-up pro, I just like playing with it and writing/talking about it to whoever will listen. It’s great that as a make-up artist she’s so willing to de-mystify her art for the average user.

Okay, enough fangirl yabbering. Time for freebie details!

The date is on Monday, 2nd September. Sadly those who have dayjobs won’t be able to make this…

Location is the Selfridges on Oxford Street, CT and her team will be there from 9am to register the first 30 people in line for their gifts (ooo, would hate to be number 31…).

I live really near there and am considering it… but I’m so lazy… to be perfectly honest, I don’t think being there at 9am is going to cut it. Girls, if you’re serious about this I’d say be there at least at 8am, earlier if possible.

The launch itself official opens at 9.30am when doors open (I assume that would be Selfridges itself opening) and the full range will be available for the first time ever! Cue more hype. I get the feeling Team Tilbury are approachable and fun, so bloggers this might be a good time to get acquainted with the range first hand with the staff, would be nice to hear what more people think of it!! Stuff will also be available on Net-a-Porter and

If you absolutely can’t wait till then, or if you’re in the area any earlier, her sneak-peak will be up from this Thursday the 29th of Aug (also at Selfridges, Oxford Street) and that will feature her eye products (not all will be on sale but you’ll be able to try them!). From the BBB’s post I’m a little more inclined to her eye range than anything else so am personally happy the eye stuff is out earlier as I’m quite excited!!

Well, that’s all from me about this! You can check out the CT blog yourself here as she’s going to keep doing sneak previews of things all the way up to the launch.

Hugs, Kisses and Excitement!



I believe these are her Chameleon eye pencils that are meant to suit a range of eye-colours =)

Will you be queuing for a goodie bag and what are you most excited for in this launch?

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