Tangle Teezer Compact Styler Review

Hello My Lovelies!

Whow, it’s almost at the end of August now. I know absolutely everyone says this but I really do feel like time is just whizzing by, I can almost hear the sound the days make as they go zooming past me.

Anyway, after I received my WIMH Redermic R try, I was lucky enough to get their Tangle Teezer Compact Styler try as well! I have literally no luck with such things usually, so it was a pleasant surprise to me.


The Tangle Teezer is something that I know quite a lot of beauty bloggers/vloggers have been talking about but even though it looked quite pretty and really handy it’s not something I would buy. Why? Because my hairbrush works just as well and I usually go by the ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ philosophy.

Which is why I’m extra happy to be sent this as a try as I really wouldn’t have tried it out otherwise!

As with the previous try I received from WIMH, the packaging was really immaculate!


Hello sexy looking black envelope

Honestly, when else would you receive an entirely black envelope in the post??


The Tangle Teezer was in it’s original packaging as well, which was nice.


Here’s a layout of everything that was in the Tangle Teezer box, here you can see that Tangle Teezer, the unit that ‘caps’ the Tangle Teezer and the cute little Union Jack pamphlet that it comes with.

So, this Tangle Teezer isn’t just your ordinary, regular Tangle Teezer, there’s a reason why it’s the ‘Compact’ edition and I didn’t even realise this till it arrived… but it’s specifically meant for travel.

The original Tangle Teezers are basically the same as the one I received, except they don’t come with a little ‘cap’ like so:


The bit jutting out is the ‘hook’.

This cap ‘hooks’ onto the teezer itself to protect its soft bristles from becoming bent while it’s jostled around in your bag with the 50 other absolutely essential items we girls carry around every day.

You can see the little hook point where the cap attaches onto in the middle.

You can see the little hook point where the cap attaches onto in the middle.

Such a simple idea but so useful! Really, the best innovations are the simple ones.

Okay, so onto the claims of the Tangle Teezer and whether I think they work:

Honestly, I was super sceptical. It’s just a brush with soft bristles that are of different lengths, how is it more effective than my own brush?? But holy moly (does anyone else say that these days?) it does work! I don’t know the science behind this but I doubt you need to be an astro-physicist to figure it out, I’m just sub-par in that area, but science aside it doesn’t tug or yank at my hair, just a bit of brushing and the tangles do smooth out.


You can see the bristles of different lengths

I have long hair that loves itself so much it’s constantly snuggling up into itself to form knots that a sailor would be proud of, usually I just force my brush through and it helps that I have a very high pain-threshold, this teezer baby makes it so there’s hardly any resistance! In my experience I think it works slightly better than hair is wet (which is amazing, because usually it hurts more to brush my hair when it’s just been washed) but is a dream to use when my hair’s dry as well.

As for the compact/travel thing, well the cap obviously works, I can’t even bear to think what the state of the bristles would be after just a day of bumping around in my bag. It’s not that much smaller than the original tangle teezer but it is far smaller than my big hairbrush that I use at home. I also have a mini hair-brush and a comb for travel but the tangle teezer is far more effective than either of those.

To date I’ve carried this baby around for casual outings out, taken it with me for a couple sleepovers and also brought it along for a day-long filming session and it’s been handy every single time.

Also, isn’t it so pretty? I had a look at their official website  and I think the Compact editions have the prettiest colours. I’m not usually a pink fan at all but the extremely vibrant hot pink + black combination has won me over. The casing is so sleek as well as it’s slightly waved as you can see here:


The Tangle Teezer with the cap on, top view.

The wave on the top is meant to be more ergonomic, which is basically fancy talk for ‘comfy to hold/use’. To be honest, I’m not quite sold on that yet as I’m too used to hair-brush handles but I do think the wave makes it look extra pretty, wins one over my hairbrush!

The only problem now is that it’s so pretty, I’m a little afraid of losing it while carrying it out and about. Sigh, first world problems much?

Tangle Teezing Love,


Here's a picture of my old hair-brush just so it doesn't feel neglected... it has an Edward Monkton illustration on it, who else loves Edward Monkton illustrations?

Here’s a picture of my old hair-brush just so it doesn’t feel neglected… it has an Edward Monkton illustration on it, who else loves Edward Monkton illustrations?

Do you have a Tangle Teezer too/Would you get one?

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9 thoughts on “Tangle Teezer Compact Styler Review

  1. I don’t own a tangle teezer. I’ve been intrigued but honestly I’m still a little skeptical. Thanks for sharing and glad you included your trusty brush in case it felt neglected hehe 🙂

  2. I wanted to nominate you for the Liebster Award; First because you have always been such a great supporter of my blog and that means so much to me!. Second we have such similar styles and your all about budget and so I am!. You deserve this award! =) Here are the rules
    1. you have to repost the person that nominated you
    2. you have to nominate other bloggers( people with less that 200 followers)
    3. you have to answer the questions given to you
    4. you have to create another set of questions for whomever you nominate
    5. you have to notify whomever else you choose to nominate that they have been nominated.
    Have fun with my questions!
    1. Who is your style icon
    2. What inspired you to start a blog
    3. What do you look for when following other blogs
    4. Name 3 things or places that inspire you
    5. Are you all about
    a. Hair: It makes or breaks an outfit
    b. Shoes: What’s an outfit without a great pair of shoes
    c. Makeup: Makeup is my favorite thing
    6. If you could add something to your blog what would it be? For example if you currently write about Beauty, what’s something else you would like to write about.
    7. Name 3 of your favorite blogs

    • Oh whow, thanks!! I’m a complete newbie beauty blogger so am quite unfamiliar with the awards thing but I really appreciate this and am quite excited to do my first ever award/tag =) =)
      Thanks again!
      Xx Penny

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