URGENT Deal Alert – Boots Bank Holiday Points Event!! Plus some Boots Offers on now

Helloooo Fellow Beautiful Bargain-Hunters!

I can’t believe that I’ve not received news or info of the latest Boots Points Event from anywhere, I even did a quick check on google and there seems to be no one else posting about it (except Boots on website of course).

It might just be me overlooking something very obvious, in fact it’s probably me overlooking something very obvious, but that doesn’t matter because I’m gonna post about this anyway =P

Basically, I spotted this during my walk down Oxford Street enroute to church on Sunday (so you kinda have church to thank for this deal alert):

Boots Points Aug 2013

Apologies for the reflection, was trying to take this in the middle of a busy street!

I was like woooooooot!!!

If you’ve seen my previous Boots Points Haul post you’ll know two things: (1) I love points events and (2) I was miffed back then that by the time I started this blog the points event was over. Which meant I didn’t get a chance to share it with everyone, cue needless frustration.

Anyways, this is also pretty late notice, basically today (bank holiday Monday) is that last day you can take advantage of this offer so please, please hotfoot it down to a Boots Store!

In case the poster isn’t too clear, basically you get 10 points per every £1 spend with a minimum spend of £15. £15 isn’t a bad minimum at all. Usually you get 4 points per £1 so basically this offer is giving you more than twice the usual number of points, it gives you 2.5 times the usual number of points (I love number crunching, oh yes).

They also have this offer available online but the minimum spend for the online event is £50, huge difference isn’t it?

If you’re wondering what to get, Bourjois is having a 3 for 2 offer on at the moment, that will pretty much get you to almost £15 so just pick up a small 3rd (like cotton pads, I find I always need more of those). I can’t recommend the Bourjois cream blushes enough.

Also, Revlon is having a 2 for £10 on selected products (I believe it was nails, mascara and lipsticks) and my favourite go-to daily nude/soft pink lippie at the moment is the Pink in the Afternoon by Revlon. They’ve also expanded their lip butter range extensively so if you’re a fan of those check out the new colours!

Real Techniques is still having their buy 1 get 1 half price deal on. That will pretty much get you to £15.

Also, Simple is have a 3 for 2 offer as well! I picked up a couple packs of their facial cleansing wipes and also 1 of their exfoliating wipes out of curiosity. I’ll be using the facial wipes for a few upcoming film shoots I have on (always useful for re-doing performer’s makeup in-between shots) and I’m due to do some traveling in September so will be using the exfoliating wipes myself then!

Also, L’Oreal is having a 3rd off their new Micellar Cleansing Water, seems to be the new bandwagon everyone is jumping on, including me apparently. I picked it up today since I’m out of makeup remover anyway, expect a review soon!

If all else fails, just stock up on essentials =)

Well, that’s it from me today! Go go go to Boots now and get your points!!

Woohoo Points Events!

Xx Penny

What are you gonna get at Boots today?

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