Clinique Mini-Haul

UPDATE: Check out the Clinique CC Cream review here!


Ready for another Haul?? =)

This haul comes hot on the heels of the E.L.F. one I did a few days back, it seems all my stuff decided to arrive at the same time, not complaining as it feels amazing to be able to open multiple parcels. I feel like it’s my birthday.

Unboxing Photo

Unboxing Photo

I also love Clinique packaging for each of their products. I know these days black is the ‘in’ colour for packaging and I guess it does make everything look sleeker and more expensive, let’s face it, no one can go wrong with black. I’d like to see the brand that can make a light green look good though and Clinique has done it and managed to stay unique from the competition.

By the way, random tidbit of info: Clinique is the little sister company of Estee Lauder, kind of catering to the younger age range and the skin care needs of the teen to twenties market, I guess the reason why I love Clinique so much is because my mom is such an Estee fan!


For those that have read my previous Clinique deals post, I’m proud to say that I basically did literally want I described in the post and stacked as many online promotions as possible to get stuff for free!

In the box above you can see (from left to right): Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion Plus 50ml, Moisture Surge CC Cream, Liquid Facial Soap for Oily Skin and Clarifying Lotion 4. And of course the little Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion Plus sample at the top.

Of all those items, I basically only paid for/bought the 50ml moisturiser and the CC cream, the rest came as free deals and I managed to get free delivery on it as well!

I personally think Clinique almost always has a good promotion or deal on, whether it’s online or at their counters, which is one thing I love about them! They’re also incredibly generous, if you ever need to sample something before a purchase just pop by their counters, the salesgirls are also so friendly and helpful. They also always, always pop freebies in when you buy something.

Give me a shout-out if you love Clinique too!

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