Quick Lil Deal Alert – Free Clinique Gift-Bag at John Lewis

It’s Sunday!

Sunday is always a terribly busy day for me, there’s always something extra for me to do at church and today I’ll on for drumming, which means I need to be at church a good few hours earlier than the rest of the congregation. Effectively this means I won’t be able to grab this terrific deal I’m about to tell you all about but for the rest of you if you’ve nothing on this Sunday please read on!

I just received a parcel of Clinique products and haven’t even had time to try them all out yet (mini-haul coming up soon!) and Clinique’s already rolled out another amazing promotion. That’s the only problem with brands that do genuinely good promotions all the time, you’re always feeling like you should have held off your purchase till later.

2013_08_cl_jlp_bonus_time_r6_c4The free gift this time is a lovely travel essentials kit! It’s bit late in the summer to be releasing a travel kit gift actually but I’m sure Clinique has their reasons…

Doesn’t the bag look really adorable?! I have a few Clinique makeup bags from previous gift sets and I can attest that their all really sturdy, durable and so easy to clean. It helps that they often have cute little designs on too.

Lovely little bag aside, the stuff inside’s not too shabby either!

There’s the: Moisture Surge Face Spray Thirsty Skin Relief, Take the Day Off Makeup Remover, Deep Comfort Hand and Cuticle Cream, Repairwear Uplifting Firming Cream, High Impact Mascara and the Long Last Lipstick.

That’s 6 goodies in all plus the bag. Everything would be in travel size (I can’t find info on what the sizes actually are…) except the lipstick which I think is a full-sized product (don’t know what shade it’ll be in, knowing Clinique I won’t be surprised if they’ll let you choose at the counter). I can’t really value this without knowing the exact sizes but at an estimate I’d say it’s worth at least £25 to £30. Pretty good for a free gift!

I’ve also heard a lot of good stuff about their makeup remover and repairwear cream, would love to try those out myself. In general if you’re interested in giving Clinique a go I’d say this set would introduce you to a good range of their skincare plus makeup as well.

To get this deal you need to go to a Clinique counter at any John Lewis department store (John Lewis only!) and purchase any 2 or more Clinique products, 1 of which has to be skincare. I love that Clinique doesn’t actually put a minimum spend on this! Skincare tends to be more expensive but you could for something you’ve been wanting to try out (say a small tube of moisturiser or eyecream) and then pair it with something else that’s really cheap.

Use the nifty little store locator to find your nearest Clinique in a John Lewis =)

This deal is on all the way till the 9th of September so if I find I like my 3-Step Skincare samples that I received in the mini-haul I just might pop by a John Lewis myself to make use of this deal. It’s perfect for me as I’ve actually not done my summer travelling yet (yes, yes, very late aren’t I?). I’ve family and friends visiting in September and we’ll be making a little trip to Paris and possibly other places in Europe too, looking forward to it!

Sunday Love!


What do you think about this deal? Do you have any gift sets you received and loved?

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