Quick Lil Deal Alert – Yves Rocher £10 Off Code

Hello All!

Happy happy Tuesday to everyone =)

A couple weeks ago I posted about some great deals going on at the Yves Rocher website, if you missed it it’s here. Well, I just received more information from them that there’s still more deals to be had!


So, the 50% offer on most products is still on, as are the two amazing free gift offers which give you a choice of 1 free gift from a variety of 4 (the details are in my previous post so I don’t really want to repeat them here!) with any and every order and you get a 2nd free gift which is a tankini if you spend above £35. So potentially you can spend £35 to get £70 worth of product (if everything you get is 50% off) plus have 2 free gifts in the bargain.

Furthermore, I just got a £10 off code that will last until this Thursday the 22nd of August! The code is unfortunately with a minimum spend of £50 which is by no means a low minimum spend as you’ll be needing to pay £40 at least (assuming you manage to hit the minimum at exactly £50). But if you were aiming to stack your free gift promos and aim for a £35 spend anyway then in a sense you’re only spending £5 more for £15 worth of product, or even £30 worth of product if you got everything 50% off.

So, in total that will mean a £40 spend for £100 worth of product and 2 free gifts! Very good offer, especially if you’re looking out for new skincare products and/or like Yves Rocher.

Happy shopping! Remember, the code ends this Thursday!



Who’s entering???

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