Urgent Non-Beauty Deal Alert – £10 East Coast Train eVouchers

Sorry for the epic-ly late post! I’ve only just managed to finish my round of meetings for this evening and it feels like it’s been such a long, long day.

I even still have a phone call to make but I really want to get this up first… just shows how important this blog is to me!

Today’s deal isn’t beauty related but it’s pretty sweet so I had to share it!!

I had the luck to stumble upon this freebie that East Coast trains is doing in conjunction with the Telegraph newspaper, I feel posting it here might be a little cheeky as it’s meant to be for Telegraph readers but I guess readers of Telegraph would have gotten the code earlier and have had an advantage? I can’t help spreading the freebie love so in any case, here it is!

untitled (18)

Basically, East Coast is being very generous and giving out 5000 (yes, that’s five thousand) free £10 eVouchers for their trains!

I’m not sure how many of you love travelling around the UK but I certainly do, my alma mater was the University of York and the boyfriend has his family there and grew up there, so we’re almost always making trips up north every few months. Trains are ridiculously expensive though and even though I would happily bear with a 4 hour bus journey for a fraction of the price (I’m that parsimonious, I even took an 11 hour bus ride from London to Edinburgh once) the boyfriend absolutely refuses, so we shell out for the train every single time…

The worse thing is sometimes due to work commitments we can’t book our trains early, so the prices go up!

So I really feel it’s great that East Coast are giving out free eVouchers, it’s not as if they’re low on business, I know for a fact as train prices seem higher than ever. 5000 eVouchers worth £10 each means 50k from the company! Thanks East Coast!!!

Anyway, I’ll stop faffing around and get to how you can claim the deal. It’s very simple, just click on this link , fill in the little form (just your name plus email address) and in the promotional code box write in this: TELPROM10.

Simple, isn’t it? Enter it for yourself and for your friends, get as many as you can!

And if you’re not the type to travel around, then maybe this is a sign you should start =) I heard a relaxing trip to the country-side for a couple of days will do wonders for the health of your body and mind, I personally really love every visit to York because I feel it’s so calming, especially after the usual hectic days in London. I come back feeling both mentally, physically and spiritually refreshed.

Lots of Travel Love!


Do you like travelling by train?

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