August Beauty Competition Giveaways 1 – Glamour + Sai-Sei Skincare

Hi my lovely fellow beauty-lovers!

There are few things in the world that I love more than a free beauty sample, what I’m blogging about today is not one of them but it does come to a close second!

So, what would be vaguely better than getting something for free? Well, the answer is… the chance of getting something for free!

You can see why this definitely wouldn’t be better than a guaranteed freebie, can’t you?

What exactly do I mean? Well, quite often beauty brands or magazines etc hold random giveaways in which they put a set number of products up for grabs (say 10, or 100) and take entries from the public for a chance to win one of these samples. The Revlon Beauty Booth that I blogged about a few days ago is a good example, every week there’re about 100 products up for grabs and if you enter your name you stand a chance to be chosen to receive one of those 100 products! Another example would be Glamour, who does regular giveaways.


I would never really classify a competition giveaway is a proper ‘free sample’ or ‘freebie’ deal, for two reasons: the free product is not guaranteed and the free product is not a ‘sample’, it’s usually a full-sized product. That basically sums up the pro’s and con’s of competition freebies, on the one hand it’s not guaranteed so it’s not as good as a nice, solid freebie giveaway deal. On the other hand, freebie giveaways usually give you dinky sample sizes whereas competition giveaways treat you to a full product when you’re lucky enough to get one! Makes sense really, that’s how life rolls doesn’t it, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Personally, I will always prefer a free sample to a giveaway as the odds are much higher but if I have a spare moment or a spare 5 seconds I would always fill out a competition giveaway entry as you never know!

I could go on and on about the marketing/PR perspective on competitions and what it means to us as consumers but… I feel that’s a little boring and I want to skip ahead to recommending a good competition that’s on right now and from a magazine I really love – Glamour!

I’ve mentioned them briefly above but the reason I really, truly love Glamour competitions is because they’re always on. Don’t worry if you forget to enter it today, or tomorrow, or this whole week, you can enter your name every day and every single day it’s a different product you could win. Not just one of that product either (then the chances would be so minimal) but a few, say 20 to 50, of that product up for grabs!

The way it works is that every month Glamour has a new giveaway theme, usually each month features a different brand. This is a win-win situation for them, on the one hand it attracts people to Glamour’s website and promotes their mag, on the other it also promotes that brand, since a new product from the brand is up for grabs each day, everyone who enters the competition gets exposed to their full range of products on offer. Very effective… Of course, I also like to see it as Glamour and whatever brand they’re teaming with being remarkably generous to consumers too! They really do understand that if they want to get something (ie. a consumer base) they need to give something too.


This month Glamour has teamed up with luxury skincare brand Sai-Sei, now I’ve not heard of Sai-Sei before but their Japanese name translates to ‘Rebirth’ (well, the literal translation would be Sai = Again and Sei = Life), which is rather pretty isn’t it? It makes you think of anti-aging and skin renewal right off the bat! Good name there! I also like the clean/crisp blue and white scheme that they have going on for products, it feels they’re going for an up-market minimalist look.

Sai-Sei’s little blurb states that their brand takes their skincare philosophy from Japan’s traditional hot springs therapy, where it’s believed that the hot, nourishing mineral baths are good for the body both physically and internally, hence the key ingredients would be Japanese minerals/spring water. A quick browse shows that the products also feature a lot of Japanese/East Asian ingredients, such as green tea, rice bran, konnyaku and seaweed extracts.

To be very honest, while it does look very appealing and I would love to try these out, I’m also very wary of anything that might be a gimmick! It’s all too easy fill the market with what’s currently missing and Sai-Sei is being smart in filling the Western market with a skincare line that heavily draws on East Asian philosophy/ingredients, so much so that it could just as well be a marketing ploy as something that’s actually good for the skin. Not that those ingredients don’t sound appealing, just that I don’t think it should cost quite so much to put green tea on my face!!

But I hate to judge without trying something out first, so if anyone has a chance to try out Sai-Sen products, do let me know! I’d be very interested to find out how it is =)

And, of course, to enter the daily competition with Glamour just click over here! You can enter every day and every day there’ll be a different Sai-Sei product available for winning =) They’ve got everything up for grabs from their soaps/gels to their candles and funny looking natural scrubs/sponges. You see that strange cucumber/lime dried green looking thing in that picture above? That’s actually one of their products, it’s a scrub! Goodness, I thought it was a dried lime they’d put in there for aesthetic effect… And that white thing to the left is their konnyaku sponge and the round green thing to the right is the green tea soap… whoops, just realised.

Anyway, all the best with the competition and if any of you win, let me know so I can celebrate =D =D

Much Sai-Sei Love!


ps; one other reason I love Glamour so much is because I actually won something before! Totally unexpected and I’d even forgotten what I’d entered to win… I got a Sleek eye-shadow palette that I should really do a review on some time. Part of me feels that if I can win, anyone can!

pps: when you enter the competition you need to answer a little question as well, Glamour basically gives you the answer though! And it’s Silverman of course 😉

Who’s entering???

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