Quick Lil Deal Alert – £5 Off Vintage Cosmetics

Hello Sunshines!

This one is especially for all you vintage-y lovers out there. I’m registered with LIB (Latest in Beauty, they do a range of boxes) and recently they’ve teamed up with The Vintage Cosmetics Company to bring us a sweet little deal.

images (2)If you haven’t heard of the Vintage Comestics Company yet, they do make-up tools such as brushes, tweezers, eyelash curlers and brush/cosmetics bags. They also have their own range of lashes with vintage-y sounding names like ‘Betty’ and ‘Connie’.

To be honest, I wasn’t going to post this deal because at first glance the stuff they sell seem to be just normal makeup tools but dressed in vintage clothing and slightly pricier! It’s by no means a budget range and the only difference is that their brushes are all pink and a lot of their tools have a floral decal on. However, I went online in search of proper reviews (don’t judge a book by its cover and all that…) and was pleasantly surprised!

There’re quite a few fans of their eyelash curlers and also their tweezers, apparently their curlers give a wonderful curl while the tweezers are firm and give a good grip. These types of products are really the type where if you get a cheap one that just doesn’t work you might as well not have got one at all! So am pleased to hear Vintage Cosmetics Company delivers on these.

However, the general consensus seems to be that their brushes are nothing to coo about, unless you have a penchant for pastel, baby pink brushes, as they’re okay but not okay enough to justify their price (around £15 average per brush, I would rather get some Real Techniques).

As for their lashes, it seems that they’re pretty but nothing spectacular, each pair is £6 and there’s a range of 6 different types of lashes. However there’s also a set of 5 of the lashes for £15 which is a great deal in comparison to buying each pair individually! If you’re a lash girl definitely go for the set of 5!

All in all, if you love the vintage look and/or a good floral print, the range of makeup accessories by Vintage Cosmetics Company might be good for you! It might seem frivolous but if a pretty makeup case brightens up your whole collection in your eyes then it’s money well spent, as long as you bear in mind that you’re basically paying for the look of it!

The voucher code I have is for £5 off a minimum spend of £10 for first-time orders only, you basically just need to key in ‘LIB5’ at the checkout, it’s valid till 5th September so there’s plenty of time to mull over potential choices. Their online store is here and they also have free UK delivery and I absolutely love free delivery, so hurrah!

Vintage Love!


ps: Penny sounds like it could be a vintage name, doesn’t it?

Do you have a vintage obsession?

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