Real Techniques Deal Alert!

Hello Fellow Beauty-Lovers!

If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time I’m sure you’ll know that I’ve been eyeing the Real Techniques brushes for EVER and I’m just waiting for a good deal on Boots before pouncing on a few.

untitled (16)

If you haven’t heard of them before, they’re basically a range of amazing makeup brushes, all the reviews I’ve read seem to extol them to the high heavens and each brush seems lovingly and thoughtfully created by beauty-lover, pro-blogger and MUA Samantha Chapman. The best thing is, they’re also great value for money. With the quality these brushes are at I’m sure they could have retailed for twice the price they’re currently at but they’re not, they’re really for the average consumer who doesn’t want to bust the bank!

Despite them already being very affordable though, I decided I could wait for a sale/promotion, because those always, always roll around, you just have to be patient! And as luck would have it, not 1 but 2 Real Techniques related promotions are now on!!

Firstly, there’s a promotion on at Boots, which I’ve been anticipating for some time. It’s not the promotion I was looking out for, which was a nice 3 for 2 promotion, instead it’s a Buy 1 get 1 Half Price. The cheaper product will come at half price. Still, it’s pretty worth it but I’m having trouble deciding whether to get it or not. I really wanted to try the stipple brush for a long while now but as I knew a promotion wouldn’t come along for awhile I’ve bought a couple very cheap stipple brushes on ebay (as in, 99p cheap) so I can afford to wait a bit longer for another promotion… decisions, decisions… this might be an example of me being too parsimonious!!

There’s also a niftly little 15% discount off the Duo Fiber Limited Edition Collection! I spotted that on the BBB’s latest beauty bargains post over here (I’ve mentioned the BBB before actually and that was also in relation to Real Techniques, in a previous post here). The Duo Fiber Collection comes with a face brush, a contour brush and an eye-shadow brush so really it covers basic full-face application! Also comes with free delivery, which I love, so if you want to check this out head over to the BBB’s post pronto for more details on the deal.

The Boots promotion would be best for those of you who’re eyeing specific brushes that you feel you need to ‘complete’ your current repertoire of brushes but if you’re looking for a good start/introduction to brushes in general I’d recommend going for the Duo Fiber Collection.

Well that’s it from me today! Time for me to go and ponder what brushes to get, if any. Sometimes I think I take this make-up thing too seriously… nah!

Brushy Love!



Let me know if you get anything with the deals in this post!

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