La Roche-Posay Redermic R Review

Hello my fellow beauty-buffs!

Some time ago I blogged about the free trial of La Roche-Posay’s new retinol product the Redermic R, I received my own trial sample just over a couple weeks ago which was very lucky as I normally don’t ever get these trial sample things that I apply for!

Anyway, I’ve been using it for a full two weeks now and have finally finished the sample so I think it’s about time that I put up a helpful little review for you guys so you can decide if it’s the right retinol cream for you or not =) To be honest, I’ve been itching to write this review for a long time now but I kept thinking I should really wait till I’ve used up every drop of the sample so the review can be as comprehensive as possible.

To begin with, I want to say I’m very impressed with WIMH’s packaging! This lovely package arrived for me in the mail and it’s basically a bubble-wrap type parcel but in glossy black, which makes it look instantly classier. Smart.

Package from WIMH!

Package from WIMH!

Inside the little package there was this:

IMG_3413Sorry for the slightly skewed image! Only realised the wonky angle after I’d gone and finished the sample =P Basically, there’s the little tube of the Redermic R and the voucher code that I’d mentioned before that gives you 25% off the full size.


My first impression actually was ‘whow this tube is tiny!’

Doesn’t the little tube look really, well, little?? It’s actually just a 5ml tube so even in terms of proper quantities it is a little tube but as I mentioned above it did last me for 2 whole weeks which surprised me!

I didn’t expect it to last long at all, which is why instead of applying it all over my face as the instructions said I decided I’d target specific areas that I’d like to see improved by the retinol, which was my oily t-zone, my forehead and the apples of my cheeks. My t-zone tends to have whiteheads, my forehead is where the wrinkles on my face are and I tested it on my cheeks as well to see what it’d do to the slight rosacea I have.

Here’s a little look at the consistency of the cream:


As you can see, nothing that special. It’s not too thick, not too light. It does pat into the skin quite well and doesn’t leave you feeling like you’re ‘wearing’ something all night. There’s a slight smell to it that’s not pleasant, it’s a little medicinal, but it’s very slight. I’ve read one review online that says that the smell is great, which puzzles me, but perhaps to each his own??

I was wary of the product breaking me out or drying out my skin, it does say on the packaging that if it irritates the skin too much to pause on using it for a day or two. Even more so because I used it on its own without moisturiser at night as I wanted to test out exactly how strong it could be. Thankfully there was no sign of a breakout at all for me, I can safely say I believe the product doesn’t generally do that, but it did dry out the skin on my cheeks a bit. However, that was nothing that a little moisturiser during the day didn’t cure! I think my skin ‘acclimatised’ to it over the 2 weeks and I didn’t have a problem with dryness after the first few days.

After using it I definitely saw a difference in the tone of my skin, it’s much more even now and I think it’s even helping with the rosacea (I wonder if it’s just my mind playing tricks on me??), also very slight improvement on the lines on my forehead. Sad to say though that it’s done nothing for the whiteheads/acne around my t-zone, maybe I’d need to use it even longer but I definitely didn’t see any of that miraculous ‘wonder-effect after just 1 day’ thing going on for me!

However, that being said, I’ve read a lot online from people who absolutely rave about it and say it’s been like a miracle-worker for their skin. It could just be that it’s just not that suited for my skin, skincare is very much a trial and error! Also, the Redermic R being meant as an anti-aging cream I wouldn’t be surprised if the more mature market of beauty users would find it more useful. Guess this just highlights the fact that even a miracle product is ultimately meant for a certain target consumer range!

So for those of you who can’t really be bothered to read through all of the above, hehe, here’s the basic lowdown:


– Evens out skin tone, helps rosacea

– Not too irritating to skin/no break-outs

– Slight effect on wrinkles


– Doesn’t really help with whiteheads/acne

With regards to price, it’s £18.66 from Boots for a 30ml tube, judging by how long my sample lasted that should last you got a good 10 to 12 weeks depending on how much you apply and whether you apply it to all of your face. That’s about a mid-range price point I’d say, it’s relatively affordable for a good retinol product!

Not to forget that the VRR1AZ voucher code for Boots online is still valid and that’ll give you 25% off the product =)

I’d thoroughly recommend this if you’ve been looking for a good retinol that won’t irritate your skin and if you’re big on anti-aging in your routine. Just don’t expect any over-night miracles!

With Loads of Retinol-ly Love,


Don't empty little tubes look a little sad and forlorn?

Don’t empty little tubes look a little sad and forlorn?

Will you be purchasing the Redermic R?

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5 thoughts on “La Roche-Posay Redermic R Review

  1. Great review hun, I also got the sample a couple of weeks ago and was very impressed with the packaging 🙂 I have used it for a few days now so hopefully it will help with my fine lines 🙂 xx

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