URGENT Deal Alert + Review – E.L.F. Bundle Worth £100 for £25 TODAY

UPDATE 24th Aug 2013 – hello all! Just for this weekend only E.L.F. has a 1p delivery offer on! Check it out if you’re still thinking of grabbing this bundle 😉

Hi All!

Goodness, just when I’d thought I’d done with these darn E.L.F. related posts for good another huge E.L.F. deal has popped up that I just can’t ignore!!

I was just browsing the MoneySavingExpert site, next to SuperSavvyMe (which I posted about a couple days before here) MoneySavingExpert is probably my most-visited budget site, I’ve mentioned them loads of times before and I usually use the acronym MSE so if I’m all ‘MSE’ this and ‘MSE’ that just take it for granted that I’m referencing what is probably the Holy Grail and Mecca of all budget lovers.

E.L.F. Overload!!!

E.L.F. Overload!!!

Back to topic, I was browsing MSE and found out that they’ve put up an amazing E.L.F. offer which gives you a huge bundle of E.L.F. products worth £100 in total for just £25! MSE is very thorough and has pointed out that delivery would cost an addition £2.95 so really you’re paying around £28 for £100 worth of makeup, still a good deal in my eyes. Alternatively, since delivery is free over £30 you can get £5 worth of product on top of the bundle and end up with £105 worth of make up £30, an incredible deal!

There’re only a limited number of bundles and they go live 3pm TODAY (Wednesday 14th August), when I saw that I hotfooted it to my trusty old laptop so I could get a deal alert and deal review up ASAP, eep no time to lose!

Before carrying on though, let me take the calculation a step further and remind people that the E.L.F. 50% Voucher Code is in fact still active (I did just blog about it here a couple days ago) so really that bundle worth £100 is worth £50 if you bought the items before the code expires this Sunday. Still, £50 worth of makeup for £25 is incredible and all in all the discount on this bundle is effectively 75% which is the most E.L.F. has done that I can think of to date!!

There will be 1000 of these bundles up for grabs starting from 3pm Wednesday the 14th, at which time you’ll be able to find the link to get the bundles on the MSE deal page here. I pondered sticking the link on this post as well once it goes live but I feel that might be a bit cheeky and anyway I’d love nothing more than to give the MSE site a few more hits if possible, they’re a true friend of penny-pinchers everywhere!

Kudos to E.L.F., really, they’re already a budget brand but they know how to make themselves even more affordable and approachable to consumers, instead of just sticking random off-season items on sale like many other stores do they’re really playing the marketing game well with these limited time voucher codes and limited stock bundles. However, let’s forget that this must also be profit-oriented on their side as well, 1000 bundles worth £25 each means that E.L.F. comes out of this £25,000 richer!

Review Time!

Which brings me to my next point, the review! Basically, the main questions I want to ask are: what exactly is in this bundle, is it worth getting and will I be getting it personally?

The items in the bundle should include:

  • Mineral Blush – Coral
  • Mineral Blush – Peachy
  • Mineral Eyeshadow – Innocent
  • Mineral Eyeshadow – Enchanting
  • Mineral Eyeshadow – Smoldering
  • Duo Eye Shadow Cream – Mocha Swirl
  • Glitter Eyeshadow – Angel
  • Glitter Eyeshadow – Cowgirl
  • Glitter Eyeshadow – Nature Girl
  • Glitter Eyeshadow – Flirt
  • Glitter Eyeshadow – Night Owl
  • Single Eyeshadow – Coffee Bean
  • Single Eyeshadow – Oatmeal
  • Studio Pigment Eyeshadow – Mystic Moss
  • Baked Eyeshadow – Dusk
  • Eye Primer & Liner Sealer
  • Eyeliner & Shadow Stick – Brown/Basic
  • Hypershine Lip Gloss – Fairy
  • Hypershine Lip Gloss – Flirt
  • Hypershine Lip Gloss – Bare
  • Lip Balm Spf 15 – Nude
  • Lip Balm Spf 15 – Pink
  • Mineral Lipstick – Fiery Fuchsia
  • Studio Glossy Gloss – Ballet Slipers
  • Studio Body Shimmer – Mystic Moonlight
  • Studio Body Shimmer – Cosmic Coral
  • Studio Body Shimmer – Blazing Bronze
  • Studio Body Shimmer – Golden Glow
  • Nail Polish – Party Purple
  • Shimmer Sheets – Pink


4303_duo_eyeshadow_XLI’ve arranged the list so similar products are together, as you can see the bundle is mainly made up of various types of eye shadows across their different ranges, from glitter to studio to mineral to baked. At a glance the colours look pretty varied, although there seems quite an emphasis on neutral tones and earthy colours. This will be very helpful if you’re looking to boost the colours you currently have in your collection but I read that while the bundle items will probably be the above they might also be substituted for ‘similar items’ if there’s limited availability so I think the best bet is to not assume you’ll be getting a certain colour, as there’s a chance of disappointment!

All in all though, I’ve read very good things about their eye-shadows, they’re well pigmented although you will probably need a primer as there’ll be drop. There’s also an eye-shadow and liner primer included which I think is pretty sweet and thoughtful! An eyeliner stick that doubles for shadow completes their set so you can get a holistic eye look out of this.

However, personally I think I’m pretty set on eyeshadows, I don’t feel particular need to add to the colours I have and if I did just want to experiment on colours I’d buy one of E.L.F.’s huge 25 or 50 colour palettes which are amazing value and which also mean you don’t need to fiddle around with 10 individual eyeshadow cases.



Lip products also take up a lot of space on this list! I’ve read very good things about their glossy gloss range (and especially about the shade Ballet Slippers, but again don’t go buying this bundle for a specific shade as you might be disappointed!!). I myself ordered 3 of their Lip Balm SPF 15’s in my own E.L.F. order, which isn’t here yet (sob sob, I can’t wait already!!) and I’ve recently read a good review on their Hypershine Lip Gloss as well on Miss Budget Beauty here so I’d safely say all their glosses would give you great value for money, especially at 75% off!

Not so sure about their mineral lipstick but there’s only one of those in there and I’d personally take it as a good opportunity to try it out. Sometimes when the price is really cheap the thrill and fun of it is simply trying out a new product! To be honest, if I hadn’t already ordered quite a few of these products in my previous order, I’d be very tempted to get the bundle for the lip products!



There’s 2 mineral blushes in this and I’ve heard they’re good dupes for the NARs blushes, personally I’ve just got the hang of applying cream blushers and am completely enamoured of the Bourjois ones so I wouldn’t be tempted by the E.L.F. mineral blushes. Also I’m not much of a blush-girl in general. If you are though, I’d encourage you to try out the E.L.F. ones.



There’s also their whole range of body shimmer in all 4 shades! Whow, when do you get to try all 4 shades. I initially thought these were meant for use on our actual bodies (it does say ‘body shimmer’…) but no, it’s basically like a Nars The Multiple stick in that it’s a little stick meant to be used on your cheeks, eyes, lips and maybe even contouring on neck/neckline. How convenient! As the whole range of shades is included there’ll definitely be one that suits you for contouring/blush and the rest will be good for the eyes/lips I suppose. If you’re a make-up artist (pro or amateur, doesn’t matter) or you do something similar in your line of work this could be very helpful as there’ll probably be a shade that suits any skin tone in there. I’m actually finding myself surprisingly intrigued by this! I avoided this when first placing my E.L.F. order as I just couldn’t decide on shades but now there’s a bundle of all of them at a good price… hmmmm…



There’s also a nail polish thrown in here as well as a pack of shimmer sheets. I haven’t heard much of their nail polish so I wouldn’t expect much from this. As for shimmer sheets, in general I love them, they really save the day if you have an oily or combination complexion and it’s a hot/humid summer day! Love that the sheets have a light dusting of shimmery powder on them as well as that should help mattify the face (hopefully the shimmer isn’t so strong that it gives you a shine rather an a matt finish!).

So, do I think this bundle is worth it? YES, absolutely!

They’ve thrown in a lot of their E.L.F. Loves products in here and products that are popular, so it’s not just a mishmash of leftovers, it’s actually good stuff in here. I actually love that they’ve put many shades of the same product in the bundle, you don’t know which exact shades you’ll be getting for sure but with so many shades there’s bound to be a few that fit and the rest would be fun to play around with!

Would I get this? To be honest, I’m really not sure! Eep, and I don’t have much time to consider it… I’m leaning more on the ‘no’ side as I’ve already purchased some of their lip products and I don’t really need any more eyeshadow shades at the moment! BUT I’m really tempted by the body shimmers, the hypershine glosses and am really open to playing around with their blushes. I’m thinking I might get this and perhaps gift away the products I won’t be using?

By the way, buying stuff on sale when it’s at a really good discount because you know it’ll make a great gift later is a wonderful way to avoid burning huge holes in the wallet around Christmas time and yet giving your loved ones amazing gifts!!

Well, I’ve till 3pm to decide, so let me ponder on this a little more… for those of you who’ve made up your minds, remember, 3pm Wednesday the 14th of August, TODAY, click HERE!

Bundles and Bundles of Love,


E.L.F. Bundle yea or nay? Let me know!

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33 thoughts on “URGENT Deal Alert + Review – E.L.F. Bundle Worth £100 for £25 TODAY

  1. Ahhh!! I bought this bundle earlier along with a mineral foundation (so brought to £30) and sort of regretted it when I realised there was a 50% sale! But now I’m excited…the shimmers look gorgeous. Never tried anything from elf before…this will definitely be good for presents. Great post!

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