Parsipenny’s 1 Month Anniversary =D (penny-versary?)

Happy 1 Month to Me!

Isn’t it quite sad wishing oneself happy anniversary? Ah, but I’ll do it anyway!

Hooray, it’s been a month!!

Mr Turtle's Hurrahing too!

Mr Turtle’s Hurrahing too!

July the 13th was officially the start of this blog, on hindsight ’13’ isn’t the luckiest day to start on but I guess it’s worked for me! Of course I realise it’s only a matter of time before one of the blog’s anniversaries falls on a Friday the 13th… thankfully I’m not superstitious.

So now we’re on August the 13th and that marks the 1 month anniversary of this blog! It feels a bit anti-climactic as just over a week ago I posted about reaching 500 views and this follows on a little too quickly from that I think but I couldn’t resist putting up a little post to mark the occasion anyway. As of yesterday the blog hit 767 views and there’re now 29 followers, thank you so much for each and every hit and each and every follow! I appreciate it so, so much knowing that what I write is getting to a readership out there somewhere! Massive hugs and kisses!!!

As the keyword here is ‘little’ post, I don’t want to drag this out too much! Just want to keep thanking everyone who’s currently/still reading for supporting the blog, I sincerely hope the deals/tips/budgeting advice have been useful for you and thank you so much for putting up with my penchant for random animal pictures and puns.

Much MUCH Penny-versary Love!



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