Will the E.L.F. Sale ever stop???

Helloooo and Happy Tuesday!

With this post, I’ll have officially done one E.L.F. related post per week for the last three weeks.

Now, I love a good sale but, seriously, now that E.L.F. has extended their massive online sale again I’m feeling a little tired of blogging about it again. Actually, I’ve the choice of not blogging about it, why am I even writing this? But I have an annoying niggling feeling that if I don’t blog about it I’ll feel like I’ve left something unfinished. So apologies! Please bear with me!

Again? Does this still classify under the definition of 'sale'?

Again? Does this still classify under the definition of ‘sale’?

You’ve probably seen the previous two posts here and here, and I don’t want to repeat myself, so I’ll skip all the bits about why I do think E.L.F. items are very worthwhile in general and even more so while the sale is on! But feel free to check those two previous posts out for more info.

E.L.F. has extended their 50% offer code that gives you 50% off everything on the site, despite my grumbling about a repeated topic, this is still a very very good offer and it only requires the low minimum spend limit of £10! This time the sale is on till the 18th of August which is this Sunday, so you’ve got a whole week to mull over what E.L.F. items you’d like to get.

And I suppose they are also hoping to get repeat customers who’ve taken advantage of their sale before, have received their items and decided that they want more.


As I mentioned before, you also get free delivery with orders over £30 but that’s after the discount code has been applied, take note of that!

Here are the codes again as the banner above isn’t very clear:

500183 – For UK and EU

500814 – For Italy

By the way! Here’s a little update on my E.L.F. order, I received an email confirmation about 6 days ago saying the items had been dispatched from their warehouse but haven’t received them yet, however there was a weekend in those days so I guess it’s only been 4 working days. Fingers crossed I get them soon as I’m majorly looking forward to writing a good ol’ haul post plus doing swatches, reviews and what-not!

Also, I’ve a whole list of items I wanted to get from E.L.F. but that have sold out, part of me is hoping that they’ll be back in stock before this endless sale ends, what are the chances do you think? I’ve coined this list my ‘miss-list’, as opposed to a wish-list, as they’re the items I missed out on. Not very funny, I know, but humour me.



Has anyone here NOT checked out the E.L.F. sale?

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