Beauty Deal Lowdown – SuperSavvyMe Current Deals + Review

Hello my lovely budget beauties!

Whow, another week and we’re well into August now! Part of me is really missing the busy but fun week I had last week but on the bright side the cold is finally ebbing away after I had a good weekend’s rest. Well, I didn’t actually rest that much over the weekend so perhaps the cold’s just run its course and has decided its bored of invading my body and has jumped ship to another victim. Tsk, fickle cold bugs…

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So anyway! Instead of just doing a regular ‘quick lil deal alert’, today I thought I’d feature a budget/coupon site that I absolutely love and that’s SuperSavvyMe!

SuperSavvyMe is hard to describe in a few words… on the website they feature little articles/posts on budgeting tips and makeup/skincare tips, they also have a fabulous coupon section which is my favourite bit of the site! Not all of it is beauty related, for example they often have coupons to save money off Fairy Dishwashing Liquid, but being the extreme parsimonious budget-er that I am even this excites me to an extent…

But more on couponing another day, what really makes SuperSavvyMe a wonderful stop for budget beauties is their product testing panel as well as their occasional free sample giveaways!

Savvy Circle

SuperSavvyMe run their own product testing panel named the ‘Savvy Circle’, to join the Savvy Circle you simple need to register on the SuperSavvyMe site and the onto the circle itself, it’s all very easy, just the usual registration forms to fill, you can check it out here.

Occasionally the Savvy Circle will be contacted about products that brands/companies want tested and you’ll have a chance to apply for this. Yes, you do have to apply so it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get it and if you do get there there’s normally a few prerequisites as well, which include filling out surveys before/after and actively spreading the word about the free sample you receive. In a word, I guess it’s doing a bit of free marketing them for them and it’s really up to you to decide if the free product you receive will be worth your while!

At the moment, the current projects they’re running are for a Duracell Charger (non-beauty item, obviously) and the Nioxin Diaboost, a hair-thickening treatment. A bottle of the Diaboost can cost around £28 so if you’ve been wanting to try it out I do think the free product would be worth it, especially if you’re the sort of person who loves spreading the word about beauty things anyway!

Free Samples

Besides the Savvy Circle, SuperSavvyMe also give out random free samples of things occasionally, I’ve only ever received non-beauty related items, such as a couple tablets of Fairy Laundry Detergent, but right now they’re giving out free samples of the Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Complex cream! This offer is only on till stocks last, so hurry and get it here if you’re interested =)

Annoying, I can’t get any info on how big the sample actually is but as it’s just a free sample with no strings attached (except you need to sign up with SupersavvyMe), it does seem worth it to me. I’ve requested a sample and might do a review when it gets here so look out for it!


Well, hope you have a great time shopping around on SuperSavvyMe! Remember, they also have coupons and deals on non-beauty items, so check out their coupon section as well!!

Savvy Loving,


Any fellow savvy shoppers?

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