Quick Lil Deal Alert – Free L’Occitane Hair Care Duo!

Hi my fellow beauty babes!

Finally, it’s the weekend! Although I tend to find myself as busy on Sundays as on most weekdays due to church commitments etc, it’s still nice to get the Saturday to kick back and relax =) My body completely needs to crash today to recuperate after the intensive week I’ve had but somehow I still found myself tempted by a friend’s house-party yesterday evening (and they live in zone 5 of London!!). Tsk, bad Penny, should have stayed in bed!

So, moving on to the deal alert for the day! Has anyone heard of L’Occitane? I think their most famous product would be their amazing shea butter hand creams, my mom is really loves the stuff! As a brand I also like them because they do treat their loyal customers well, I’m always getting stuff in the mail from them for deals off if I order over a certain limit or with a voucher code. If you stock up on say hand creams or lip balms in one go, you can get a pretty good deal from them!

Another product I currently use from them is their Precious Eye Balm, now I don’t actually find that using an eye-cream is any better than just using a moisturiser that’s rich, nourishing and for sensitive skin around my eye area but I did read a lot of good things about the L’Occitane range and I did enjoy using their eye-balm, it patted on really smooth and silky and it just made me feel pampered!

But anyway, enough of L’Occitane! On to the deal!!!


At first glance, these bottles actually remind me of the packaging that the Body Shop uses, thankfully that’s a good thing as I absolutely love Body Shop soaps/shampoos so it does evoke good memories, but the pity is that at such a higher price point you’d think L’Occitane would also look it?

But not to judge a book by it’s cover, from my experience of the really nourishing L’Occitane hand creams and eye-creams, I’m willing to bet that their hair care range is probably just as good! What’s included in this deal are 35ml of their Repairing Shampoo and 35ml of their Repairing Conditioner =) It’s not much but it’s a decent size for a sample try-out, especially since you can usually tell in the first use or two whether a shampoo/conditioner has made your hair silkier or not!

Definitely, definitely go for this deal if your hair has been suffering, you can’t lose really as it’s a free sample and if you like it you’ll have found a product that’ll make a world of difference for your hair without have had to buy loads of products to test out first! My hair is fine, my problem is usually having too much oil in my hair, but I’ll probably go for this sample anyway as it’ll be a really useful travel-sized product to carry around.

To get this deal it’s really simple. Just head over to the L’Occitane Hair Care Duo Facebook Page here, ‘like’ the page and then fill in the corresponding form. It’s quite a short form, the usual asking for your details and such. In about 2 weeks time they’ll email you a voucher for the sample and you just need to print that out and pop along to any L’Occitane store to pick up your samples! I much prefer deals where they send samples direct to your door but that’s just me being very lazy… oh you can also redeem this voucher online but then you’ll need to pay for the delivery.

This offer is valid till the 5th of September so get in there quick!

Lots of L’Occitane Love,


Have you tried any L’Occitane products?

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