Quick Lil Deal Alert – Yves Rocher Gift Code

Hi All!

It’s Friday which means it’s the end of the week and I can probably the next two days off to properly rest and recuperate from my annoying cold! Hooray! My voice has officially gone but with any luck it’ll be back by Monday =)

Today I’ve for you a simple little deal, if you remember I’ve done a post on Yves Rocher before about their big sale some time ago, I find that they usually have pretty good codes, vouchers and sales on so I don’t always put the news up here as I don’t want it to be too repetitive of course but just today I received notice of a deal that I think is pretty good! Hence why I’m posting this up for you =)


Basically, with an exclusive gift code you get a 50ml bottle of their Evidence perfume for free along with a £10 spend! Which isn’t too bad as the 50ml bottle usually retails for £32, although it’s worth pointing out it’s currently off at 50% on their sale so it’s worth £16 I guess.

The site describes the Evidence scent as being clear and simple, but then it also mentions all sorts of floral scents like rose, lily of the valley, jasmine, violet leaves and patchouli, definitely doesn’t sound simple to me! But it does sound nice and feminine and if it’s a light scent I would go for it. Probably if you’re picky about scents try to get a whiff of this at a counter first, otherwise just go for it, at most it could be a good gift for a friend =)

This comes at a good time as Yves Rocher still have their big summer 50% off sale on so there’re many many beauty products still on offer! Should be not a problem hitting that £10 mark, which is pretty low for a gift voucher spend limit (I’ve seen much higher… which are basically rip-offs!). Also, I’ve spotted that when you place your first order you also get to choose yourself a free gift!! It can be one of the four:

1) Light purple summer travel bag + pedicure kit

2) A summer watch in either dark blue or white strap. The watch face itself is white.

3) A summer makeup travel kit which includes 2.5ml of mascara, 2.5ml of lip gloss and 3ml of nail polish.

4) Give your gift back to charity and have 3 trees planted!

So, something for everyone really, even that little hippie in you…

And if you spend up to £30 you even get a free tankini swimsuit. It looks alright to me, not amazing not bleh either so I’d advise not to spend just to hit a £30 mark! The £10 mark would give you a pretty good deal though.

That’s all from me! You can check out the Yves Rocher site here =)

Much Free Gift-y Love,


Will anyone else be shopping Yves Rocher?

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