August Beauty Magazine Freebies + Reviews


For those of you who’ve been reading since the very beginning (almost a month ago now!) will know that I did a July Beauty Magazines Freebies and Reviews post last month, you can find those here and here.

It’s now about a week into August, whow time does fly! So I thought it’s about time to do another beauty magazine freebie post =) This month is looking rather sparse compared to last month when about 8 mags had freebies but this month there’s about 3 proper beauty freebies that I could spot plus a couple other mags with little coupons/freebies that I’ll add in anyway.

So, let’s get to it!



Usual Mag Price: £2.00


Company Black Eyeliner

Is it worth it:



Above is a picture of the Company September issue magazine, the freebie itself isn’t from any particular brand, it’s a Company one and it doesn’t draw the finest line but it is quite pigmented and does stay on the eyelid so if you’re in need of an eyeliner right now and also fancy a browse through a magazine this would be the cheapest eyeliner plus free mag deal you could get.

Would I get it?

Yes I probably would! I need another black eyeliner and a couple of quid is cheap.



untitled (11)

Usual Mag Price: £3.90


Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray worth £7.00

Is it worth it:



I’ve heard great stuff about Bumble and Bumble and from what I hear their thickening spray is amazing, if you’ve been suffering from lanky locks due to the recent hot and humid area then this would be a great buy for you, and definitely worth it.

Would I get it?

Not for me, my hair is thick enough as it is! But as I mentioned, if it’s something you need this is a great deal for you!

Right, I’m going to stop here for today as my cold is getting progressively worse and tomorrow I’ve an intensive full day of filming to get through as well so it’s best if I try and the rest of the work I need to do tonight and then head to bed as soon as possible!

Much mag-freebie love,


What do you think of the AugustBeauty Freebies?

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