Box of Awesome – a non-beauty deal alert + review

Hello lovely people =)

I’m sure everyone has heard of Beauty Boxes? Think, Glossy Box or Birch Box or the various sample boxes different companies have come up with. I’m sure we’re all familiar with what the concept entails: you order a box and when it arrives it’ll contain say 5 to 8 random/surprise beauty samples that will definitely be above the value of the box that you paid for!

All fine and good for the beauty world. But has anyone heard of the Awesome Box???

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As noted in the title, this is completely not beauty related, the only vague link it has to beauty would be that this is about receiving a box of random stuff, admittedly that’s a very tenuous link, it’s like saying a football and a tube of lipstick have something in common because they both come in a carrier bag when you buy them. Wait, does either of those even come in a carrier bag necessarily? Whoops! That’s how tenuous that link was!!!

Anyway, so what is the Box of Awesome I hear you asking?

Basically, the wonderful folks over at Box of Awesome put together a box full of awesomeness that is sent out once every 2 months. There’s a list of people on their mailing list and randomly lucky winners will be selected every two months for their box. Alternatively, you can pay to be their VIP and get a guaranteed box delivered to your home every 2 months. Compared to the beauty boxes the price is crazy, I couldn’t believe it, are you ready for this? Each box costs… £3. That’s it. That works out to 38p a week!!! Oh my goodness!

But what’s actually in the box you ask? Well, apparently an awesome book is guaranteed each time, plus games, stickers, collectibles, game codes, apps and apparently sometimes jelly beans too. Basically, it’s a boy’s equivalent of the Glossy Box!

To be honest, I can be a massive little nerd when it comes to books and such so it sounded like fun to me, I also thought it’d be a great little present for the boyfriend if I did win one. You can increase your chances of getting a Box of Awesome by racking up these online Awesome Points, I didn’t do anything to mine since signing up but surprise surprise, I actually won a Box of Awesome!! =D


My Box of Awesome!

However, because it was a free box, I didn’t get it delivered to my home. Instead, I was sent on a ‘secret mission’ to retrieve from a ByBox locker somewhere in London.

It wasn’t too hard, I was given a choice of which ByBox Locker I wanted to get it from so I could choose one relatively close to home. Then I was sent a code for the locker that would expire in 48 hours so I had two days to collect it. That ended today at midnight so on my way home today I picked this up.

The ByBox Locker, I've never seen one of these before!!

The ByBox Locker, I’ve never seen one of these before!!

Once I'd put my code in, the button for Locker 16 popped out, so I went to investigate...

Once I’d put my code in, the button for Locker 16 popped out, so I went to investigate…

I was right! Locker 16 contained my Box of Awesome!

I was right! Locker 16 contained my Box of Awesome!

Sorry this post is so photo-heavy, just thought it’d be better for you to see what I was writing about as well, they do say a picture paints a thousand words!

The box looked a lot like a pizza box to me, the packaging is really simplistic but I guess it’s more about what’s on the inside that counts.

Opening the Box of Awesome!

Opening the Box of Awesome!

Everything was cushioned with a layer of orange paper strips, very happy looking box, isn’t it? Definitely reminds me of the look of childhood toys!

Finally, the stuff I got in my box!!

Finally, the stuff I got in my box!!

And finally the photo you’ve all been waiting for (or not), what I got in my box! There were a few codes and adverts stuck in there but besides that I received 2 Skylanders sticker packs, a Halo series 7 figurine, a voucher for 1 free bag of soccerstarz figures from WHSmith, a code for a free game app called The Jump and, the best of the lot, a free copy of Raven’s Gate by Anthony Horowitz!



I’m not a Horowitz fan as I’m not really falling into his target readership but being a bit of a geek at heart I do know his genre and wouldn’t mind skimming through a book like that for light reading. The fact that it would normally retail at £8 is also a bonus for me, I definitely wouldn’t have picked it up myself so am pleased I got to check it out for free!

All in all, this isn’t a box for the beauty lover to subscribe to but I do think absolutely anybody should at least sign up for a free account! It can’t hurt and you might end up with a box of fun goodies to play around with (a bit gutted I didn’t get any jellybeans…). They also have a Box of OMG aimed at young girls but I can’t see any options for free boxes like the Box of Awesome.

And in any case, for those of you girls out there whose boyfriends, brothers, fathers, guy friends and what-not are complaining that you’re spending too much time/money/whatever on makeup, this should keep them happy 😉 and it won’t even cost you a penny. I know most of the stuff I got is going to the boyfriend!

So head along and sign up for one, let me know how you get along!

Awesome Love,


ps: the cold has progressed, I’ve lost my voice over the course of today! Which isn’t good as I’m doing some fight scene rehearsing/filming over the next couple days and I’m pretty sure I’m expected to scream… fingers crossed!

What are your thoughts on the Box of Awesome?

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