The Revlon Beauty Booth – Free Revlon Products

Hi All!

I’ve been feeling really under the weather lately, I think it’s because it’s really hot one day and then completely soaking wet with rain the next, it really plays havoc =P Worst thing is I’ve quite an intensive week this week, so it’s really not the best time for me to fall ill! Doesn’t it always seem to work out like that?

So apologies if today’s post feels a little sparse or short =(

Anyway! I’ve spotted something that Revlon lovers will love!!

Revlon’s currently running the ‘Revlon Beauty Booth’, it’s in conjunction with Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model and every week they’ll be giving out 100 of a new Revlon product.

Of course, from a Marketing point of view this is all about promoting Revlon products but you do still stand a decent chance to win a product! I’m not sure good the chances are but these things only take 3 seconds at most to fill out, so if you’ve a spare 3 seconds this week, why not?

They also have useful little videos up each week that tell you how to use the product, I guess that’s pretty handy and it’s a nice touch.

This week it’s the Revlon Colourstay 16 Hour Palette in Seductive Eyeshadow.

vibrant-violet-prizeIf you fancy a try head over to the Revlon Beauty Booth now to check out their website, alternatively you can also skip that and just head straight to their competition page here to win!

Freebie Love!


Is anyone else going to try the Revlon Beauty Booth? =)

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6 thoughts on “The Revlon Beauty Booth – Free Revlon Products

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