Review – Beauty Blender Dupe from eBay

Hi my beautiful budget babes!

So a couple weeks back I did a post about how I find the Beauty Blender an amazing invention yet also entirely over-priced, you can check it out here.

I mentioned in the post that there’re tons of alternatives to the Beauty Blender that probably work just as well, seeing as quite a few other  make-up companies are doing their own versions of the sponge (eg. Kiko  Milano and soon Real Techniques too!). I personally am quite excited for the launch of the Real Techniques sponge later  this year but to be honest that’s a bit of a wait for me. I used to only use BB creams and I always applied them by hand but since looking into  other foundation options and getting the much hyped Bourjois Healthy Mix, I realised that the hand-to-face application  doesn’t quite cut it anymore.

That’s when I decided I’d try out a beauty blender dupe. They cost  around £2 on average on eBay, would work better than my bare hands  anyway and I can do a review on it to boot. Win-win-win, right?


Hello eBay blender dupe!


This is the sponge outside of the packaging.

My blender sponge arrived quite quickly after my purchase, apparently it was being sold by a retailer in China and it arrived to me in London  barely 4 working days after my order. It looked pretty much exactly like the picture. See?

Then it was time to put it to the test!

I watched a few helpful  videos on how to use a beauty blending sponge, also I’m pretty used to  seeing the beauty gurus I watch use their sponges, so I thought I had  the hang of it. It’s not too steep a learning curve, I mean, it’s a sponge.

I basically just soaked it in warm water, squeezed it out, used the flat end to scoop up some Healthy Mix  Serum Foundation and patted it onto my face. I also used it for blending in concealer/highlighter. It seems a lot of youtubers just use the flat end but I basically forced myself to use the tip around my nose and my under-eye areas as I want to know if the tip bit is actually useable (otherwise, why is it tear-drop shaped??). Instead of patting with the tip, I just rolled the sponge on. These are my first impressions:

– I feel  like some of my foundation is being soaked up into the sponge. I’m not  sure if that’s just my mind playing tricks on me but I feel as if I’m using more than I would with my hand or a brush! The soaking in warm water is supposed to stop this but I suppose a bit would always seep into the  sponge regardless?

Look how brown the bottom has gotten, how much foundation is in there??

Look how brown the bottom has gotten, how much foundation is in there??

– The tip of this sponge (as you can see from  the pictures above) isn’t as pointy as the Beauty Blender itself, I felt a pointier tip would be better for blending in concealer on my  under-eye and around my nose.

– It was so hard to clean! After rubbing cleanser into it and rinsing it out and over it still looks like this:


Eep, dirty sponge!

I wonder if it’s normal not to be able to get it all out? Just looks a  bit icky to me! And I think I was too rough, the tip is starting to fray a bit, uh-oh. I’m not sure if the Beauty Blender is sturdier but you’ll have to be gentle with your dupes!


You can see the tip fraying a bit, plus it’s SO dirty!!

What about the final results? I have to admit, it was nice using it! Why, you ask?

– It made application much, MUCH easier. No more dirty icky hands or fiddling with different brushes. Also, at the end I only needed to clean 1 sponge, not like 5 brushes.

– I noticed it was better for applying on my dry patches especially, I  tend to be a bit rough so if I rub stuff on with my hands or a brush I  can cause my drier skin to flake =S no such problems when patting on  with the sponge!

– At first, I didn’t think my skin looked that amazing after application but the bf said it looked really nice and  clear. I guess that ‘air-brushed effect’ is a subtle one, not a in-your-face effect?

– After using the sponge regularly, I think I’ve got the hang of it now and yeah, my foundation does look much better! Guess practice makes perfect. And I get the feeling the foundation’s stayed on longer as well, as it because it’s well patted in?

Overall, I’m happy with this buy, it’s not a miracle solution or a holy grail item but I already know I’m going to be using this for my  foundation application all the time now! I definitely need more practice getting a good air-brushed look though, and I’m also not good at  building up the foundation, I think when I pat more on it takes some off as well!! I probably just need to use more so the sponge doesn’t end up taking foundation off of the skin when I’m trying to layer more on.

I would definitely not use these eBay dupes long term though, ultimately I want get the Real Techniques one or one from The Makeup Store or  something else as I feel these ones are a little flimsy. But this was  definitely a good buy. If you’re curious about using a beauty  blender type sponge and want to give it a try before buying a proper  alternative head over to eBay yourselves to pick up a £2 dupe =) I’m so  happy I got mine!

Spongey Love,

Do you have a beauty blender dupe experience to share?

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7 thoughts on “Review – Beauty Blender Dupe from eBay

  1. Wonderful review! Personally I’ve always been a bit skeptical about those beauty sponges (and, let’s face it, super lazy to clean them haha!), but I think maybe you’ve inspired me to finally give one a try. 🙂 xx

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