Happy 500 Views!!!!! Huge Thanks =)

It’s been 3 weeks since Parsimonious Penny first started (and it feels like ages ago!) and I’ve managed to go just over 500 views =)


HAPPY 500!!!!

HAPPY 500!!!!

I know it might not mean a lot to a lot of people but it does to me, especially since when I first started this I thought ‘how is anyone ever going to find, much less read this blog anyway??’.

I have a long way to go with knowing how to get the blog out there but honestly a lot of it is just the fun of writing, I don’t really mention my private life at all on the blog but writing for theatre is one thing I do and it’s tough to make oneself keep chugging away with words when there isn’t a deadline looming but as they say – Practice Makes Perfect. I do think keeping this blog and making myself write every single day has done me some good =)

And I find it so fun sharing about the girliest things on this blog, like makeup, fashion, sales, deals, discounts etc, it feels a bit like every time I write a post I’m having one of those frilly chats you have the girls during a good sleepover 😉 I can be a huge geek and nerd but I like to think I have my girly moments too!

So a big, red, bold, capitalised THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who’s viewed this blog, however briefly, even if only by mistake. If even 8 less views had been made I would only have hit 499 instead of 500 and that doesn’t sound as land-mark-worthy, does it?

With 500 Sincere Thank You’s,



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