Deal UPDATE – E.L.F. Sale ‘Extended’

Hello all you lovely people!

Last week I blogged about how E.L.F. was having this MASSIVE online sale! Basically it was a code that gave you 60% off absolutely everything on the site with a minimum spend of £25. That code expired on Friday afternoon BST but if you missed it I’m happy to announce to E.L.F. now has another code up that’s comparable to the 60% one and this one will last till Friday the 9th of August.

untitled (8)

Personally I’ve heard mixed reviews about E.L.F. makeup (or EyesLipsFace if you didn’t know where the acronym E.L.F. came from) and that it was quite a big bag of hits and misses, although it’s very very cheap. I’m not a proponent of getting makeup just because it’s cheap because if it doesn’t work then it’s basically just extra clutter plus some money thrown away! There’s only 2 good reasons for getting makeup because it’s cheap:

1) It’s cheap and good, making it then really worth or more than the better you paid for it.

2) It’s just so, so cheap. That’s right, it’s so very cheap you wouldn’t mind even if that amount of money is wasted.

That was exactly the case with the E.L.F. sale last week and I had a huge list of stuff I realised I wanted to get, when it arrives be prepared for an E.L.F. Haul and set of reviews!

Anyway, back to the code!!

This time, they’re offering a code that will give you 50% off everything (pretty close to 60% really) off a minimum spend of £10 =D


I can’t decide if this is better or worse than the previous offer. On the one hand, it’s less of a discount (duh), on the other there’s a much lower minimum spend! You can get a few things, then have a think about the rest, you don’t need to think long and hard about the products you want to get because you don’t need to lump them together to make £25 in one transaction. Although if you end up getting loads anyway, the 60% would have been better…

In any case, if you missed the previous deal this is cause to celebrate! In fact, I had my eye on quite a few products that were out of stock so I’m kinda hoping that they’ll be back in while the 50% code is still on.

By the way, you get free delivery with purchases over £30 but that’s after discount is included, good to take note =)

In case the banner above isn’t very obvious, the code is:

500183 – For UK and EU

500814 – For Italy

Happy ELF-ing!!! (is that a word now…?)

ELF-y Love,


Tell me about your favourite E.L.F. products! Would love to know =)

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