Quick Lil Deal Alert – Free Simple Products with Simple VIP, Now Looking for Product Testers



Right, so just last week I did a little review on the Simple Rich Moisturising Lotion that I’ve been using the past couple weeks or so (by the way, I  haven’t forgotten about the Redermic R one! Am still using that and will have a review up in due time).

Bang on cue, Simple is now  opening up their Product Testers’ panel and is currently recruiting product testers!! So if you liked the sound of  my Simple moisturiser review or if you’re just a Simple fan in general, this is  absolutely perfect for you. If you’re a Simple VIP like me,  you’ll have got the email about this as well, otherwise I think the info is also on the Simple VIP blog on the Simple website.

Basically, if you’re up for:

– Trying top-secret, new Simple products before their released
– Doing a vlog review about them for their official launch

Then this is definitely for you! I’m a little shy myself so am iffy about  the vlog bit but I do love Simple so I know I can cross that hurdle when I come to it, it’d be well worth getting a free, new product  pre-release!

Just like the Rimmel Stay Matte Challenge, this is  something where there’s limited availability so common sense tells me I  shouldn’t be sharing this since I’ve applied for this myself but it’s a  great opportunity and I just can’t keep it to myself so there you go!  Anyway, if someone reads my blog, applies and actually gets it I’ll be  so pleased so know it was kinda because me =)

untitled (5)


Anyway, to apply  just click here  (http://competition.simple.co.uk/index.aspx?fdCompetitionId=93) and fill in the form, it’s relatively straight forward and has some questions  about your age and also skincare habits, I guess they’re trying to hit a range of demographics? If you’re not already a Simple VIP you’ll need  to sign up for that too but that won’t take long at all. Simple =)

Let me know if you’ve applied and if you get it, I’ll be rooting for all my readers!!

Simple Love,

untitled (6)

Who else will be signing up? =)

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5 thoughts on “Quick Lil Deal Alert – Free Simple Products with Simple VIP, Now Looking for Product Testers

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