Penny-Making: Earn Money on the Go with OnePoll + mini-rant on the useless things people say

Hello all!

This post is going to be all about how you can monetize your commute.

Look at that blue sky, such an idealistic picture, isn't it?

Look at that blue sky, such an idealistic picture, isn’t it?

I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for awhile. I think part of successful penny-pinching is penny-making, does that make sense? Saving only gets you so far if you don’t somehow get to grow your capital in some way, no matter how small. As beauty-lovers, we all know how expensive a hobby make-up and skincare can be, I like to provide the most budget options out there but obviously it’s still going to cost you something. I guess that’s why people say money is power and also why a capitalist and consumerist market makes people feel so powerless sometimes, there’s always something new out that you want to get so bad but can’t afford and it just seems so hopeless and money suddenly becomes your answer to everything (which is of course wrong in many ways).

But what’s a girl gotta do to earn? If you’re working and have disposable income, that’s great (although the taxes in London don’t bear thinking about). I realise that most girls who surf beauty blogs and vlogs and such are usually in their teens though and I would never, ever advocate getting a part-time job if you’re already juggling school and other activities. Education is the number one priority! I’ve seen loads of girls completely burn out because they want to do it all, you have to prioritise. So how can you increase your pocket-money then??

Hot Sun Cool Drink

By the way, if you’re reading this from London, go get yourself a nice, long, cool drink before reading another word because it’s so swelteringly hot that I can’t even bear to think of anybody sitting still long enough to read a blog post, even one that’s to do about making money (I hear that’s the number 1 thing that keeps people glued to their seats, is that true, are you glued to your seat right now?). This is the sort of weather where I’m either laying down in a cool room or roving around restlessly to find a cool spot with a nice breeze.

Warning: I went off on a tangent here and ‘ranted’ a little here! So feel free to skip the next couple paragraphs to get straight to the point and ££.

I’m not good with heat. I know sometimes I mention to friends that the weather’s a little hot for me and they’d say something like ‘Hah, it’s wayyyy hotter in Nigeria!’ (is what my African friends would say) or ‘it’s much more humid in Asia!’ (is what Asian friends would say). Has that ever happened to anyone else out there? Not to be snarky but when people reply like that they’re just saying something useless for the sake of it. Which is a very natural, human fault, I know I do it too but it still is what it is – ie. Useless.

I’ve been in typically cold and grey London for awhile now, before that I was in York where it’s colder and since I was a child I’ve never been good with heat. So what if it’s hotter on some other island that’s nearer the equator??? I’M feeling hot HERE and NOW because I just do! So I express my feelings of discomfort with a few words (something like ‘hot today, isn’t it?’) and suddenly I’m given a list of places on earth where it’s hotter than where I am now and it’s also implied that actually my feeling hot right now, or my thinking that it’s a hot day, is entirely unjustified because there are places in the world that are hotter. It’s like a vet saying to a polar bear that’s dehydrating in a heated room, ‘stop feeling hot because it’s hotter in a desert’. Actually, what kind of logic is that? Stop feeling hot/cold because it’s hotter/colder somewhere else. Hmm, it’s like if I casually mentioned that I’m hungry and someone suddenly gives me a list of people hungrier than I am.

Hot Polar Bear

What’s that you say? It’s hotter on the sun? Well, that makes me feel better already. NOT.

Whoops, went off on a tangent there! But seriously, has that happened to anyone else? I know it can’t just be me!

But back to the topic. So, earning money on the go! Sounds a bit too good to be true? It actually isn’t.

First let me introduce you to a revolutionary concept called the ‘paid survey site’. There’re websites out there that will pay you to sit at home answering questions for the on your computer. When I first heard of it I thought there must be some catch somewhere, it must all be a scam but it’s not, providing you get onto the right site. It’s a win-win situation, the survey sites run consumer surveys for a number of market researchers or brands who want to know what their clients think. The survey sites get paid to do this but they can’t expect people to actually sit down and fill out a boring survey for free so you’re usually rewarded to items, discounts, points or actual cold, hard cash. It works!

However, big big disclaimer, you’re are never, ever going to get rich off of a survey site because if you count the time it takes to do the average survey and the amount you get paid for it, it’s way below minimum wage. So don’t go quitting your day-job or dreaming of surviving on 2 hours of surveys a day!

This is where OnePoll comes in!

OnePoll Logo

OnePoll is this site I found a few months back and while most sites have surveys that last around 10 to 30 minutes (urgh, LONG, right?) OnePoll provides little surveys that range anywhere from a minute to 5. I’ve literally answered just 2 questions before, fastest 10p I’ve ever earned. Of course, because the surveys are short the rewards are small too, surveys can be worth 10p, 15p, 20p or 25p, it rarely goes above that. Also, it isn’t as if there’s a huge list of surveys available every minute, you won’t be able to sit down for, say, 2 hours straight doing OnePoll surveys, there’s typically around 5 to 10 available to you at a time.

The most important thing: you can only cash out when you hit £40.

I know that feeling of despair when I’ve done my first survey, made 10p and thought ‘I’ve got a long, LONG way to go…’ but guess what, I found the perfect way to use OnePoll that makes it all worth while.

Do it on the go.

If you wait around refreshing your page all day hoping another survey will come up, sites like OnePoll will cost you more in precious time than you’ll ever earn back.

However, because OnePoll’s surveys are so short and also run on an easy system (doesn’t need flashplayer or anything), they’re ideal for running on smartphones, this doesn’t apply for all survey sites, OnePoll really is the best for this!

Thanks phone for the extra cash, I knew you weren’t called ‘smart’ for nothing…

What I’ve done before is to do these surveys everyday while on my commute. Hooray for internet on the London Underground!! And before I knew it, in a month and a half (which is not too shabby!!) I had hit my £40 and was paid it too.

It’s not a huge amount compared to what the typical person earns but if it’s extra pocket money, well, that can buy you a LOT of make-up! And all you need to do is check the site while you’re on the bus to school or something, what else do you do on your commute anyway? If it isn’t something else important, then monetize your commute. Here’s a tip though, don’t use OnePoll for mobile on commute, just access the usual OnePoll site with your browser on your smartphone and it’ll get you way more polls.

If you’re reading this from somewhere not in the UK, don’t fret! OnePoll pays directly into either your bank account or Paypal so it’s basically internationally available, even though you technically earn in pounds when you withdraw from your Paypal or when the money’s transferred to you it’ll be converted for you. If you don’t have Paypal though I highly advise you get it, I believe you just need a card or bank account in your name OR you can get a student paypal with your parent.

Alright, well, I hope this works as well for you as it did for me! I’m currently enroute to my next £40 =)

Much Penny-Making Love,

On further reflection, I do think me saying something like 'hot day, isn't it?' is pretty useless in itself too... maybe useless words beget useless words?

On further reflection, I do think me saying something like ‘hot day, isn’t it?’ is pretty useless in itself too… maybe useless words beget useless words? Argh, my head…

Any fellow OnePollers out there?

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