How to Shop Primark – The Guide to Surviving a Primark Shop

So, following on from my recent Top Ten Primark Sales Picks post, I thought I’d do a nifty little guide on how to shop Primark. If you think the  shopping is over for now, think again! Now the summer sales have come  and gone the Autumn range is set to be released, in fact it’s already previewing! And one thing I’ve  learnt from Primark (the hard way) is that it’s one of the rare  retailers where sometimes waiting for a sale isn’t better than getting things on day one. Why? You’ll find out below!


Now, isn’t Primark just confusing as hell?? I know theologically Hell isn’t a Fire and Brimstone place (what is Brimstone anyway?), it’s simply the  absence of God (just like how technically and scientifically ‘cold’  isn’t a thing, it’s just the absence of ‘heat’ and ‘dark’ is just the  absence of ‘light’) but if hell ever came to be I imagine it’d be like a Primark full of amazing clothes that are dirt cheap BUT for some reason you can’t buy them! Because there’s a hoard of demon-shoppers in your way, or there’re firey piles of rags in your way, or you can never find your size, or the queue for the fitting rooms are literally never-ending, AHHHHHHH *cue scary music*.

Shoes, shoes everywhere but never a pair in my size...

Shoes, shoes everywhere but never a pair in my size…

I hear the customer to product ratio is 10 to 1.

I hear the customer to product ratio is 10 to 1.

Thankfully, Primark isn’t actually hell, it isn’t Heaven either but it’s a kind of  bitter-sweet experience and it’s the closest thing to war that shopping  can ever get as well as being consumerism in the flesh (and blood). To make sure you get the buys you want without going  through a horror of a shopping experience, I’ve rounded up the Top 5  most helpful tips that have helped me through many a sticky Primark-y  situation and which I’ve learnt through hard-earned experience.

1) DON’T use the Fitting Rooms

Yes, you heard me right, unless you’re planning to spend 5 hours in Primark with only 2 buys to show for it don’t even think about getting in that ridiculous Fitting Room line. Instead, just  estimate on your size and bring it home with you and try it on in store  if it’s a sweater or something you can slip over other clothes.

Primark offers free returns within a 28 Day period (underwear is excluded,  understandably, but you can’t try these on anyway) so just try them on  in the comfort of your own home! You get the added bonus of being able  to try it out with the rest of your stuff in your wardrobe to see if you can get many outfits out of it or not.

I repeat, you have 28 days to return the stuff, that’s about a month, I’m sure you can make a stop by the local Primark to return your things within those days.


This is very unlike me, if you’ve read any of my previous penny-pinching and budget focused posts then  you’ll know that I’m usually more cautious with my buys. I advocate  waiting around just to see if it was an impulse buy or not.

But Primark is different.

From experience I’ve learnt that stock moves so quickly in Primark, even in the off-sale season, so chances are that if an item is pretty and trendy it’ll go quick. If you don’t get it now, it’ll  definitely be gone and in Primark what they have on the floor is  generally it.

In any case, even if it’s an impulse buy  you’ll be able to figure it out after trying it on at home and then you  still have 28 days to return it.

3) Check it. Then check it again. Then check it properly this time.

Primark items are usually tried on by loads of people or tugged/pulled at 20  times an hour. Chances are things are torn in little places and I’m so  frustrated whenever I bring home something that I love and is a perfect  fit but I need to return it because there’s a little hole somewhere that I missed in-store. By the time I get it back they might not even have  my size anymore!

Save yourself a trip to return something you don’t need to return by checking it very, very thoroughly. Along seams for tears, the collar and cuffs for  discolourations (especially white tops) and virtually everywhere for a  possible tear.

4) Save the Receipt

The receipt will usually be  chucked into your shopping bag (that huge paper bag monstrosity), fish  it out the first chance you get and tuck it somewhere safe like in your  wallet. You need this to return anything you don’t like!

5) DON’T be too Lazy to Return Things

Ah, this is totally me. I just say I’ll return something and I don’t, I  just let time slip by and before I know it, it’s too late!

Why though? Just kick that lethargy in the butt and RETURN THE DAMN THINGS. Otherwise you’re literally throwing money in the bin (and you have  items you don’t want that’ll just be clutter in your wardrobe).

Well, that’s it from me! I would love to hear your thoughts on this too so  please let me know if these tips would work for you or if you already do some of this!



What are YOUR Primark Horror Survival tips?

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