Quick Lil Deal Alert – Huge E.L.F. Sale now on + 60% Off Promotion Code

Hi All My Pretty Elfs,

Okay, I’m well aware that the plural of ‘elf’ should be ‘elves’ but please let that one slide =)

Has anyone heard of E.L.F.? When I was doing some research on budget make-up brands that include skincare (cleansing and makeup removal), makeup and brush kits, E.L.F. popped up again and again. It stands for Eyes Lips Face and it must be one of The Most Affordable online beauty retailers ever to exist.

untitled (3)I can’t even begin to state how cheap the brand is, I had a browse a few weeks back and their prices rarely go above £6 for any one item, with most of their range retailing at around £1.50. They also have their own brush range which is a steal compared to more professional brush kits. I read a few reviews and it seems some of their Studio brush lines really stand out and don’t shed much, much higher quality than what you’d expect for the price!

Not only that, they’re currently having a SALE so most of their items are 10% off or 20% off, even spotted a few 50% off items there!

NOT ONLY THAT, they’re offering a FURTHER 60% off EVERYTHING. Just enter the code 600713 at checkout and you’ll have your money off! The only catch is that the minimum spend for this is £25, but that does mean that you’ll end up paying only £10 for £25 worth of products/tools from E.L.F. and trust me, £25 goes a long, LONG way on E.L.F. In fact, the only problem I can see here is that I can’t find enough stuff I want to buy to fill my basket… I’m a huge proponent of not just getting stuff that’ll lie around as I hate clutter (ironically, I’m also a hoarder, so I live my life in misery…). I really wanted to try a primer but that’s all sold out! Ah sadness.

If you’re looking to experiment with colours lately, or you’re new to makeup and want to try a load of stuff without bursting the bank, or you’re a MUA needing to stock up on stuff (I hear the Studio range setting mist and also the high definition powder are good buys) then go ahead and stock up!

This promotion will last for the next 4 days, so you can take your time and leisurely browse the store the next few days.

Have Elf-ing! (yes, that’s a word now)



I use E.L.F!

Anyone else ‘ELF-ing’ out there?

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4 thoughts on “Quick Lil Deal Alert – Huge E.L.F. Sale now on + 60% Off Promotion Code

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