Quick Lil Deal Alert – Huge Clinique Online Promotions Now On

Hello all!

Alright, I would’ve stuck this in the earlier Weekend Bargains post but this isn’t really a weekend only deal although it is a deal that’s meant to last only ‘while stocks last’, so worth jumping onto it if you’re interested! Also, this post went on for aages and I thought it deserved it’s own space.

Has everyone heard of Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion? Well, it’s good. And Clinique has now *gasp* replaced it with a better product (it’s rare this happens so it better be good!) called the Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion + (no it’s not an unfinished mathematical equation, the word ‘plus’ is in the name but they thought it’d be cooler to put in the symbol than to spell it out).


This is ‘the Plus’.

Currently, there’s a whole host of deals going on the at Clinique site, which I found out after fiddling around for ages entering various codes and playing around with a hypothetical shopping bag just to see what works and what doesn’t (all so I could list it out here as comprehensively as possible).

Firstly, the deal I found most attractive: any order of the new Plus (it’s a long name, let’s just call it the Plus), gets you a free 30ml cleanser and 30ml Clarifying Lotion as well (the Clarifying Lotion is their version of a toner plus liquid exfoliant). Has anyone ever heard of the Clinique 3-Step? Basically, they sell their Cleanser, Lotion and Moisturiser in a package that’s meant to be your one-stop 3-step skincare regime. I have tried it in the past for a good couple of years and it works. It’s pricier than a drugstore alternative but it’s not exactly a high price point either and it cleared my face up. So in this deal, what they’re saying is that ‘buy 1 step of our 3-step and we give you the other 2 free’, which sounds great!

I experimented and found that it doesn’t matter whether you get the 50ml or the 125ml of the Plus, you still get 30ml of cleanser and 30ml of exfoliant. If you’re just trying it out, get the 50ml. If you’re in for a long haul and love Clinique, go for 125ml anyway because it works out cheaper per ml. 50ml is £17 and 125 ml is £27. The offer codes you need to enter at checkout for this are: 3Step1, 3Step2, 3Step3 or 3Step4 depending on which skin type you are (1 to 4 ranges from dry to oily in that order).

That’s not all! There’s not one but two ways you can get free delivery on Clinique at the moment! Either make your order over £30 or pop in 2 nail enamels (which cost £12, a bit pricey actually) and pop in code NAILS at checkout.

If you do have an order above £30, then also pop in the code SCRUB at checkout for a free 7 Day Scrub Cream sample (as the name suggests, it’s a refining and pore-cleansing type face exfoliant).

Finally, no matter what you order from Clinique at the moment, you will get a free 15ml sample of the new Plus added into your order automatically, no need for a code (that’s good promotion!)

PLUS, they put in 2 complimentary mini-samples of their favourite products in with every order too, no idea the sizes of these, probably sachets but can’t complain as they’re gifted free.

Whow, that’s a whole host of offers going on from the Clinique site all at once!

Personally, I think a winning combination would be getting a Plus (can’t decide if the 50ml or the 125ml will do!), the free cleanser + clarifying lotion, then add another small product (either a chubby stick or even one of their skincare products if you’ve been eyeing them, a lot of them are definitely very good, just higher price point), then plus the SCRUB code and of course you get your free 15ml Plus and 2 mini-samples as well. I wouldn’t go for the nail enamel honestly, I don’t think they’ve done anything particularly revolutionary with their nail products compared to their skincare and there’s loads of cheaper and comparable nail products out there!

Okay, that’s enough from me for now! Any other Clinique fans out there?

Plus Love,


What’s your winning Clinique codes combination?

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