Quick Lil Deal Alert – Free Nivea Dare to Dip Sample + Sample Review

Summer’s not over yet!

And to prove it, Nivea is daring everyone to dip.

By 'dip' they don't mean this...

By ‘dip’ they don’t mean this…

Nivea has launched a new moisturiser and skin conditioner (their first-ever skin conditioner apparently) just in time for the summer months and it’s formulated to give you that much-needed post-sunning moisture!

They’re currently giving out free samples via their facebook page and I received my in the post just the other day =)

Nivea's DaretoDip Sample Envelope

Nivea’s DaretoDip Sample Envelope

I must say, this sample is really generous. There’s not one but two samples inside: a generous 8ml tub (it’s seriously a little tub, kinda like those tubs you get your butter in on the plane) of Nivea Soft face/body/hand all-in-one moisturiser and a 10ml Nivea In Shower skin conditioner that you’re meant to use in the shower. Plus a little voucher that gets you the full sizes of both the above for free when you buy any vital, pure & natural or Q10 plus facial moisturiser.

Nivea Sample Inside

You can see the two samples plus the voucher in the picture above. My only gripe (and this isn’t so much annoying as kinda funny to me) is that if you look closely the voucher expires on the 30th of June. I received this in the post just a couple days ago… unless it took 3 weeks for this to get to me I can only assume they sent me an expired voucher! As the voucher was an added freebie thrown in I don’t really mind, although I might drop them an email anyway just to give them a heads-up. Imagine how annoyed a consumer would be if they didn’t read the fine print and tried to use the voucher at a store!

If you’d like to try the moisturiser and in shower conditioner yourselves, click this handy little link here, it’ll take you to their facebook page, you just need to ‘like’ it and then the registration form should show up =)

Let me know if you try it!

Daring to Dip,

Will you ‘Dare to Dip’?

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