Sales Watch – Primark 2013 Spring/Summer Top Ten Sale Picks

Hello Fellow Budget Fashionistas,

As you all know, tis’ the season to be sales-shopping! I honestly don’t think I’ve gotten my fair share of the sales joy yet so a couple of days ago I dragged the boyfriend out shopping with me and one of the places we hit was Primark.


The façade looks so classy, doesn’t it?

Now, Primark didn’t have the best reputation around but I think in the last 5 years or so they’ve seriously upped their game. Kudos to them! It used to be synonymous with cheap, trashy clothing that wouldn’t last past one wear but these days it’s a must-stop for those like to get the latest trends for less. If you browse through their latest collection, you can see they’re always copying the latest styles and it’s just so, so affordable!

Also, Primark is one of the rare budget retailers that have a decent men’s section. Finding cheap, decent women’s clothing is easy but it’s such a chore to find the same for men, it’s even tougher for men’s shoes! Primark, however, stocks everything from men’s casual wear to even cheap business shirts/suits that don’t break the bank but don’t look tatty either. (case in point, does anyone know the Out of the Blue boys? They’re an amazing acapella group from Oxford and their ‘uniform’/’costume’ is a dark blue suit, I spoke to some of them a few years back while working at the Edinburgh Fringe and it seems most of them pick theirs up at Primark, doesn’t look to shabby, right?) Primark has upped their game so much that some of their pieces are even retailing now on ASOS!

So, next time you spot a trend you want to get your hands on for cheap, be it a floral crown, a body chain, or a dip-hem, head to Primark first! You’ll get to try the latest trends for less.

Now on to my top sales picks from Primark, if you don’t get anything else from Primark you should try getting these:

1) This Blouse:


My number 1 Primark pick this season!

Right, this modest and slightly boring looking short-sleeved, loose blouse is my number one pick from Primark this season because of two essential reasons: it looks flattering on everyone and it comes in a rainbow of colours! It’s so flattering that all my friends who’ve been Primark shopping lately have come home with the same blouse and they didn’t even go shopping together (once 2 of my girlfriends even turned up in the same blouse in the same colour!). It’s so homely looking I couldn’t find a pic of it online so this pic is my blouse that I’ve just picked up. It also comes in a versatile white, lemony yellow, light blue, dark blue etc etc. If you don’t trust me just drop into Primark and whack one into your shopping basket, I’ve seen it in a variety of body-shapes and skin tones, you’ll definitely thank me later.

2) Something with a dip-hem:

7_FR_1It seems to be all the rage lately and no one jumps onto an all-the-rage bandwagon like Primark does, there’s SO many choices ranging from skirts to dresses so get onto that bandwagon with Primark!

3) Something skater:

15_FR_1The skater-dress cut is also really popular recently and for good reason I think; unlike the harsh peplum cut, the skater cut is seriously flattering to most body-types and Primark has been releasing skater dress after skater dress in a variety of textures/colours since last Autumn, you’re bound to find one you like!

4) Something boucle: Mintbouclejacket26instore21.1.13Another popular trend lately is the boucle jacket but they’re pretty pricey (ASOS does amazing ones though if you can swallow the un-budget price). Primark also has boucle dresses/skirts etc but it’s the jackets that’re the most popular. I’d also advice not pairing boucle with boucle (ie jacket and shoes) as that’s a little too matchy-matchy!

5) Something floral/vintage-cutprimark-floral-bow-back-prom-dress-200613Another amazing flattering cut is the retro cut that cuts into the waist and then flares out, it basically sews you into an hourglass figure (although Chanel wouldn’t like that!). Primark is doing a huge variety of these. The only gripe I have is that almost every other dress has cut-outs at the back or at the side and while those are also in fashion lately it’s not as flattering for all body-shapes and back cut-outs are such a headache because, well, where does the bra go?!

6) Something cutesy:Primark-Skater-pinafore-dress-300513I know cutesy doesn’t float everyone’s boat but boy does Primark do it well! I have this little dress/pinafore/dungarees myself and I love it. They’re also doing a variety of denim jumpsuits and playsuits, which seem very ‘in’ for summer. In fact, anything denim seems instantly summer-sporty-chic.

7) Shoes shoes shoes!Anchorslipper8instore11.12.1271067_0

Primark really really does shoes well, I must’ve seen like 20 pairs that were bang on-trend, especially the flats, I really had to hold back.

8) Something basics:Primark-Pocket-detail-strappy-vest-290513I still think Uniqlo does the best basics but if you’re just looking for really budget basics then head to Primark, it’s the cheapest in town and every girl needs a couple more cami’s in her wardrobe.

9) Something sporty:

W_SPORT_UK_WIN_1110_CMYKPrimark now has a range of sports-wear! This are probably the cheapest sports-bra/sports tights in town!

10) Last but not least… something funny!

Doesn't this look like something Barbie would wear??

Doesn’t this look like something Barbie would wear??

Who has started planning for Halloween already? I HAVE!! Can’t you just imagine these glittery heels on a zombie-princess outfit?? And they’re only from Primark, so if you ruin them – meh. They also have an amazing selection of full-body animal suits for women, men and children. There’s even a stag one for men that says ‘I am the stag’, perfect for a crazy stag-do, no? Thank you Primark for making fashion fun!

Finally, there’s a cheeky 11th I’d wanna add but I can’t find a picture of it anywhere! It’s basically a white short-sleeved top that has a quilted effect and a little breast-pocket on the top left with gold trimming. It looks like how a classic Chanel bag would look if was transformed into a top one day. Look out for it girls! I didn’t get it myself but I thought it would be perfect for anyone wanting to dress more alternative-chic (is that a term?).

Much Primark Sales Love,


Any fellow Primark-ers out there?

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5 thoughts on “Sales Watch – Primark 2013 Spring/Summer Top Ten Sale Picks

  1. hahaha…love this post! Primark is awesome! 🙂 I thought the same thing about the back of many cute dresses…how do you hide your bra? lol..keep it up! 😉

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