Quick Lil Deal Alert – Some Weekend Sales and Bargains to Catch!

Thank God it’s Saturday!

That means the official start of the weekend, hooray! Well, for some the weekend started Friday evening (oh you know who you are *wink wink nudge nudge*) but for the rest of us, well, it’s Saturday.

What does a girl do over the weekend? Sleep in, hang out, chillax, nap, do some shopping, read a book, go to church, not work… oh the options are endless! But anyway, this post will be mainly for those of you who said a big, loud YES when I mentioned ‘shopping’ earlier because thanks to modern technology you can now do this online (from the comfort of your own home! Assuming you don’t live in a hovel) and thanks to ParsiPenny you can do it for cheaper (hopefully, well, that’s the idea anyway!). As usual, just want to note that I don’t in any way advocate gratuitous retail therapy which lands you with lots of stuff you didn’t actually want but I do advocate getting the stuff you do want while it’s on for a bargain, so with that’s said here’s some current sales and deals I dug up for this weekend!

Look Beauty Half Price Sale

logo half-price-free-3-lip-stains

Look Beauty is a Superdrug brand that’s either available at Superdrug stores or online. Reviews are generally good and they do extremely affordable makeup, usually their Fat Lips (modelled after the Clinique Chubby Sticks) are around £6 each and so are their trios of blush/contour/foundation and mini-palettes. I’ve read good reviews about their face primers and they also have an amazing looking Pro Palette that features 20 eye colours, 6 lip colours, blush, 2 foundations and a mini-customisation palette within (so I assume everything is easily de-potted into the mini palette) that is usually £15.

Now imagine all the prices above halved.

This half-price offer ends on the 30th of July (so basically this is your last weekend to grab it) and you also get a free gift if you spend over £20 (it’s 3 free pout stains). Remember, don’t just spend to hit the £20 if you only wanted to get, say, £6 worth of stuff originally…

Check this out if (and only if): you’re looking for a bit of a make-up re-haul, you’ve been wanting to check out Look Beauty, you have some sort of event/show coming up that you need loads of colours for (that pro palette looks very handy for any beginner MUA) or you’re just looking for a new bit of any of that make-up.

Latest in Beauty free delivery this weekend

untitled (2)

For those of your unfamiliar with Latest in Beauty (or LIB), it’s basically a beauty box plus beauty magazine-ish website that highlights the latest in beauty and skincare and also puts together regular boxes based on these latest finds. They also do themed boxes quite a bit. They’ve currently got a Pampering Discovery box (£19.95) and a Ultimate Summer Nails box (£14.95), the prices include postage and packaging. I must say, I’ve been itching to try a beauty box because they always seem just so worth it (apparently the retail value of the Pampering box should be £75 and the Nails would be worth £55) but I’m just hanging on till the right one comes along… or I might get a Glossy Box (any recommendations or thoughts?). They also have a number of collection boxes still retailing, all including P&P in the prices

Anyway, this weekend they’re offering free delivery. Why free delivery if their box prices already include postage and packaging?? Good question. It’s because their store also offers luxury beauty samples and mini beauty boxes as well. What I know about the samples is that they’re often travel sized and can cost between £1 to £4 depending and this price doesn’t include P&P. As for the mini beauty box, you choose a little sample box of 3 samples, and these are not travel-sized are more like sachets, and pay £1.50 for their postage (I believe their free delivery offer doesn’t apply to this).

So the free delivery isn’t on everything, don’t be tempted into rushing to get something on Sunday evening that you can actually consider a bit longer and get on Monday for the same price!

But definitely go for this if there’s been a luxury beauty product you’ve been hearing raves about and just want to ‘try before you buy’, as they say. Sample-love makes the world go round!

Secret Sales 20% Weekend Treat


Secret Sales is offering a 20% off on their outlet store just this weekend, to take advantage of this offer just enter WEEKEND20 to claim your discount at checkout! It expires on midnight the 28th of July (Sunday) but to be honest I can’t find anywhere whether they’re operating on UK time or later. Won’t say too much as I know I mention them a lot already, suffice to say they’re a flash sale site but they also have their own designer outlet! They sell anything from men’s/women’s/children’s fashion to home-ware and makeup.

RIGHT, so that’s it for my little selection of weekend deals and bargains for you, have a lovely weekend and let me know if you got anything!

Saturday Love,


How are you spending your weekend?

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