Review – Simple Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser + Current Boots Simple Promotions

Hello my fellow beauty-babes!

As I mentioned in my recent Boots Summer Points Event Haul, I picked up the Simple Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser as I read recently that this moisturiser has anti-wrinkle and moisturising capabilities that rival a lot of other more expensive brands. I usually use the Clinique Dramatically Moisturising (by the way, I hear the Dramatically Moisturising + is out!) which I would recommend to absolutely anybody but at around £3.89 for 125ml the Simple Rich Moisturiser is way, way more affordable! The Clinique can be up to 6 times that price for the same amount of lotion??

So, after doing some more research I decided to give the Simple product a try, from what I’ve read it sounds good and at £3.89 I’m not losing much am I?

Simple Rich MoisturiserAs you can see, it also says ‘UK’s No. 1’ on it, I’m sad to admit that I’m a sucker for such titles… the Clean and Clear cleanser I’m using now also has a No. 1 label on it that induced me to try it out (also the fact that it was £2.99). Anyway, on to the review!

Product Claims (taken from the Boots website)

1 Vital Vitamins

• Pro- Vitamin B5 actively restores, softens and smooth

3 Skin Loving Nutrients

• Glycerin hydrates and nourishes Moisturises for 12 hours

• Bisabolol soothes and calms

• Allantoin softens and protects

No Perfume, No Colour

• No Unnecessary or Harsh Chemicals so it won’t upset your skin

What Others Say

The article that first piqued my interest was this one from the DailyMail (I know, I know, please don’t shoot me, I love reading the Mail, it’s so bad it’s hilarious), it’s a really old one from 2009 but hey if this Simple moisturiser has been around for that long it must be good, right?

The low-down on Simple from the Beautypedia wasn’t so flattering however, in fact it’s a little harsh! Most Simple products are given a rating of just ‘average’ and in fact I’d steer clear of the anti-ageing products (that really isn’t Simple’s forte at the moment) but the Rich Moisturiser got an ‘Average’, which isn’t so bad? They do agree that the pro’s of Simple include the low price-point and that it’s very good for sensitive skin, they do say it’s not good for oily skin however. That being said, I went for it anyway as it’s really the cheapest moisturiser on the market!!

My Experience

My first thought when I spread the moisturiser out was ‘Whow, it’s feels really rich!’ and I was worried at first as my skin is oily to combination and the thing I had most is to have any product sitting on my face feeling like an added oil film. In fact, the first day I tried this I thought my T-zone felt way oiler than usual but afterwards I think that was just a psychological reaction because I’ve not had any problems since then.

How I apply it is, right after cleansing I gently pad away some of the water with a soft face towel and gently rub a generous dollop onto my cheeks while my face is still slightly damp. My cheeks are the driest part of my face and when I was using this you could see how dry the skin was, it looked flaky and horrid especially when I had my BB cream or tinted moisturiser on! I also rub a generous handful onto my neck (the price is so good I feel like I can really go all-out using it as a face and neck moisturiser). Afterwards, I tend to have quite a bit left smeared onto my hands and this is want I put onto my T-Zone (forehead, nose, chin). Then I pat it in.

After that I also pat it into my eye contour area both below and above my eyes (yep, I’ve used it as an eyecream as well! What better way to test its effectiveness against wrinkles?).

I have to say, when they said colourless and scent-less they were telling the absolute truth. If you have sensitive skin, this would be perfect for you, it’s just a pure white cream.

The good thing is that there is no tacky feeling after it’s been patted it and it soaks right into the skin, it doesn’t sit on top of the skin, so I don’t have a problem putting any other product on top of it. You do need to take the time to pat it in a bit though! Here are some pictures to illustrate:

Initial dollop, it's very rich and creamy.

Initial dollop, it’s very rich and creamy.

After rubbing it gently, you can still see a sheer film of it.

After rubbing it gently, you can still see a sheer film of it.

After patting it in.

After patting it in.


I’ve used it for about 2 weeks now and the great thing is that, the dry skin on my cheeks are now gone! Great to know that the moisturiser at least did the main thing it’s meant to do, ie moisturise.

So what’s the low-down on this product and would I recommend it?

PROS: Very moisturising (it will tackle your dry skin problems), long-lasting (I do still feel moisturised well into the day as the product claims state), perfect for sensitive skin (colourless, odourless, paraben-free), soaks in well into skin (no uncomfortable tacky feeling or interfering with other products), just feels good (feels moisturising and rich!), can be suitable for all skin-types but best for dry skin, it’s helped keep the wrinkles away under my eyes, the amazing price

CONS: No SPF (well, it didn’t say it had any but this does mean you’ll need an SPF if you’re going to wear it in the day), needs patting into skin, can’t put too much onto oily skin, skin isn’t any smoother or softer (as the products claims stated), has done nothing for my dark circles

Should you buy it?

All in all, I’d say yes. Especially if you have very dry skin. At the price, you can afford to be very generous with your application and re-apply as often as you need, it also pats into your skin so you can put a lot of it on and yet have no problem with applying makeup after. If you have sensitive skin, this is also definitely for you as products aimed for the sensitive skin market tend to be way pricier! I think it’s done a lot for moisturising my dry patches and I would definitely keep using it as an eye-cream now and then as it’s appropriate for the sensitive skin around that area (cheapest eye-cream ever?!).

However, I want to point out that there are definitely better moisturisers out there, the Clinique Dramatically Moisturising I mentioned earlier, for example, has much more added benefits for the skin and there’re moisturisers out there that will also combine SPF, anti-ageing elements, anti-wrinkle benefits, oil control and what-not.

I will be re-purchasing this when it runs out (seems like that will be a long time from now though!) because I feel it’s handy to have a simple (hehe pun), down-to-earth, moisturiser around that just moisturises. Sometimes when I wear BB creams with spf or for night-time moisturising, I just don’t want an SPF in my moisturiser. Or if I’m pairing with other types of products, I just want a plain moisturiser. And personally I feel it’s more budget effective to focus on specialist products for benefits such as anti-ageing as you can target just those area and get more bang for your buck rather than getting a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none type product.


Simple Promotions Currently On

If after reading this you feel like you wanna give Simple a go yourselves, then they’re currently on a 3 for 2 offer at Boots! So you can pick any 3 selected Simple products (in my experience that’s almost every product) and the cheapest will be free. Besides the moisturiser I could highly recommend the face wipes, they always get rave reviews, almost never break out anyone with sensitive skin, take off all your makeup and are highly convenient (like all wipes). So you could stock up on a couple packs of those maybe (if you’re going on holiday, they’re so, SO useful!).

Simple almost always has some offer on, so be patient if the 3 for 2 has expired by the time you’ve read this =)


Well, that’s it from my for Simple!

Much Simple Love,


What are your favourite moisturisers?

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8 thoughts on “Review – Simple Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser + Current Boots Simple Promotions

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  5. Brilliant!
    Really enjoyed this article, it reassured my belief in this moisturiser. I have been using this moisturiser since I stumbled across that article in the DM!
    People are always commenting on how nice my skin looks and when I tell them what the moisturiser is, they don’t really believe me!
    The bottles last for blinking ages too

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