Quick Lil Deal Alert – Try Illamasqua for Free with WIMH

Hi Fellow Freebie-Friends!

A few days back I posted about the free La-Roche Posay Redermic R Try with WIMH (What’s in My Handbag) and now they’ve gone and done it again! This time they’re giving free Trys of the legendary highly pigmented Illamasqua Powder Eye Shadow in the shade Imagine.

Looks gorgeous doesn't it??

Looks gorgeous doesn’t it??

This is so timely as well as not long ago the lovely Vicki from VickisBeauty alerted me to an amazing sale at the Illamasqua online store that includes free delivery as well! Thanks Vicki!

Registration for this Try closes in the next 4 days so hop on over there, sign up for WIMH (if you haven’t already) and get registered here.

On another note, WIMH has been doing a lot more Trys lately and I don’t want to bore you with similar-type posts so let me know if you feel you want to read something different!

On yet another note, I received my Redermic R Try in the mail a couple days back and am currently testing it out, will have a review up shortly!

Much Freebie-Love,


Anyone out there who’s tried Illamasqua and loves it?

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