Cheap Date Ideas – Free Tickets with Showfilmfirst

Hello lovely budget people!

Isn’t London just one of the most expensive places to do things in?? There’s supposed to be more things to do in the big city but everything comes with a heftier price tag as well.

For example, a ticket to the movies can cost anything between £11 to £20 (yes, £20!!) depending on where you watch it, what show it is and when you’re watching it. Hands up anyone out there who’s on Orange like me primarily for the Orange Wednesday half-price ticket deals? By the way, did you know Orange Wednesdays also give you two-for-one meal deals at Pizza Express? On another note, if you aren’t on orange yourself an alternative is to be good friends with someone who is on Orange. I’ve this friend and whenever he makes plans to meet anyone on Wednesday, I’ll know; why? He always texts me for an Orange Wednesday code (actually, that might be the only reason why he ever texts… I need to re-evaluate my friendships…).

BUT, last weekend I managed to score 4 free tickets to *drumroll please* Braniac Live at the Palace Theatre!

Oh, hello free ticket!

Oh, hello free ticket!

For those that don’t know what Braniac is about, it was basically a tv show hosted by Richard Hammond (the shortest guy on Top Gear is how I remember him) and the show was all about blowing things up. Their most famous experiment was putting a spoon in a microwave apparently and it completely destroyed the microwave. My boyfriend was so excited to be going (he’s just a big baby heh) that he almost spontaneously combusted. Okay, time for me to confess that I’m a bit of a science-nerd so after hearing about what the show was I was a little excited too.

The show was packed full of kids, I think just having my two friends, my boyfriend and myself there pulled up the average age in the place by 10 years. It was a lovely theatre though, if anyone isn’t familiar with where Palace Theatre is, it’s basically on the intersection of Shaftsbury Avenue and Charing Cross Road, it’s where the musical Priscilla used to be before it was replaced by Singing in the Rain and now Darren Brown’s live show is showing there (Braniac’s on tour and has left already).

All in all, no complaints. We got great seats, it was a fun show, sweet venue and all I had to do afterwards was fill in a very short 3-Question survey!

But on to the important bit – how did I get the tickets in the first place??

This is how!

This is how!

ShowFilmFirst is a company that works with film distributors in order to give out free preview tickets to a target audience. This is for many reasons: film publicity, getting feedback from audiences, filling up theatres (especially for live shows) etc. In my experience, I get an average of about an email from them every couple of weeks or so offering me a free ticket to a movie or a live show, if I want to go I have to act fast because tickets run out really quickly. Also, tickets are usually for the next evening or the next couple days, I’m usually busy so I haven’t had a chance to actually get any tickets and these Braniac Live ones are my first. In the past though I’ve received emails with tickets for The Conjuring, Pain and Gain, Rod Steward @ the O2, plays, comedy gigs etc.

All in all, I think it’s a pretty sweet deal! Yeah, the majority of events you get tickets for you won’t be able to attend or you won’t get in time, but it’s free so it’s nothing to complain about! If this sounds like something for you then register here and let me know it goes for you!

Much Free Ticket Love,



UPDATE – ShowFilmFirst has sent another email round for more Braniac Live tickets for this Friday and Saturday =) So if you’re interested, sign up quick!!

The first thing they did was to blow up the mini-caravan =)

The first thing they did was to blow up the mini-caravan =)

Let me know if you register with ShowFilmFirst and what previews you’ll be going for!

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