Quick Lil Deal Alert – Another Secret Sales Sales-ception!

Hello All!

Remember this?

A flash sale within a flash sale site??

Secret Sales Sales-caption!

It was just a quick little image I mocked up for the Secret Sales Sale Watch post I did awhile back, didn’t think I’d use it again but seems like they’re having another flash sale but this one is for their whole site!

That’s right, you heard me right, they’re having a 25% off absolutely everything in celebration of their 25th Birthday today =) Just use the voucher code BIRTHDAY25 to claim your discount. Currently, besides their brand flash sales they’re also have sales on their in-house designer outlet so if you combine the voucher code with their own sales selection, you can probably get a pretty good deal off!

The deal only lasts till midnight tonight (24th July) so you have to be QUICK! Although I’m really not sure what time-zone they go by… I couldn’t find the info on the site anywhere and I only got the voucher notification an hour ago.

Hope you bag yourself a good deal!



Did you get anything?

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