Kiko Milano opening on Regent Street + SALE now on


UPDATED UPDATE: For all you loyal followers and eager fans, as of this weekend the Kiko Milano on Regents Street is officially OPEN!!! =D what are you waiting for? ūüėČ

UPDATE: For those interested in the KIKO opening on Regent Street, keeping watching this space, I’ll update when the store is officially OPEN =D


Happy Monday everyone!

So, Monday means a new week (how time does fly) and speaking of new things, I spotted something new on Regent’s Street this weekend! The Coast store that’s right next to Tezeni’s on Regent’s street was gone (although the ‘COAST’ letters were still up, they’ll probably change that later’) and instead there was this: ¬† Kiko Milano Apologies for the slightly unclear images, and also apologies to the tourists who got caught in the picture. If anyone else has ever tried to get a clear, people-free picture on Regent’s street on a weekend in summer (the height of tourist season) you’ll know how Mission-Impossible that is. Anyway, as you can see, Kiko Milano makeup is finally opening on Regent’s Street!!

Just to give you a brief run-down, Kiko is an Italian-based cosmetics company that launched in 1997. Currently, they’re only available online or at their Westfield store in the UK.¬†Personally, my only experience of Kiko was when I bought one of their eye pencils and a¬†nail polish¬†while on holiday in Venice about 3 years ago. The¬†pencil was a shimmery sandy gold colour in shade number 01 and the nail polish a sheer¬†shimmer green,¬†I wasn’t very impressed with the pigmentation but it was really, really affordable (below 5 Euros but I can’t remember the exact price now).

Recently, however, Kiko’s been receiving a lot more attention. From just ‘cheap’ makeup they’ve gone to being called ‘affordable yet professional’ (when ‘cheap’ gets replaced with ‘affordable’ you know a brand’s got better). I’ve spotted them in a lot more reviews in the news and also blogger reviews, there’s an amazingly comprehensive one by Ruth Crilly of A Model Recommends¬†here. She does mention that they’re opening a store in summer (ie now) and now we finally know where that store is! To me, the location reveals a nice thing, they’re not just on Regent’s Street, they’re right next to the major intersection between Oxford Street and¬†Regent’s Street (that Tezeni’s is right on the intersection). They’re obviously looking to make an impact!

So, while I am a little sad that Coast is departing from their extremely central location, to be honest, I’ll bet I’ll be shopping at Kiko a lot more than at Coast (who shops at Coast regularly??).

Also, while I was doing some research for this post I sniffed out a sale on the Kiko online store.


I’m not one to fall for any old discount but when they say sale, they mean SALE. No poncy %5 discounts here, almost everything is at 50% off plus the odd 48% off (I’ve never heard of anything being 48% off, what a random number,¬†have you?). Also spotted something at 60% off. You can check out their sale site here.

ALSO (there’s more??), if you register for a MyKIKO account you get free delivery for 15 days!¬†This closes the deal for me, so many stores charge exorbitant rates for delivery, especially considering this store is based in Italy, free shipping to UK plus a massive sale? Yes, please.

So, let me know if you get anything from KIKO, I personally don’t need any more eye products or nail products for the moment (I’m a big believer of not getting what I don’t need/won’t use) but am eyeing some of their SPF foundations.

Much Kiko-Love,


Have you tried Kiko before? What do you think?

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6 thoughts on “Kiko Milano opening on Regent Street + SALE now on

  1. Please let me know when Kiko is officially opened on Regent Street it seems to me that it is taking rather a long time. I cannot wait, I love their products have used them for three years now, their blusher is fantastic.

    • Thanks for the comment =) I go past that area at least weekly and will update this the moment it’s open! I’m quite excited for them opening too, I’m putting together a wishlist of what I’m going to get once they are!!

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