Sales Watch – Secret Sales Make-Up Must-Haves Sale

I mentioned this sale briefly in my previous post a couple days back here, so as promised here’s the low-down on the Secret Sales Make-Up Must-Haves Sale which has just opened today and will be one for the next 3 days.

Secret Sales Make-Up Must-Haves

For those of you unfamiliar with how Secret Sales works, they basically work together with brands to offer flash sales of certain items and these sales are usually limited to just one brand of items. For example, Bellapierre is also currently on Secret Sales till the end of today and that sale offers a range of Bellapierre eye-shadows, mineral foundations, brushes etc. I’ve actually seen Bellapierre recently on Cocosa too (another flash sale site), I guess they must be making the rounds now for some reason so if you’ve been considering trying them out now’s the time!

But back to the Make-Up Must-Haves sale, this sale is a little different because it’s not just products from just one brand but a sale put together by one of the sale site’s buyers. It’s usually an assortment of brands but linked together with a central theme (in this case, make-up). The brands this time include YSL, Bobbi Brown, Clarins, Benefit, Liz Arden and and OPI. So now let’s get on to exactly what products are on offer and for how much!

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL)

Besides a small palette of pink colours for the lips/eyes/cheeks, other YSL items on sale include their volumising mascara (with a free travel sized bottle of makeup remover included, that’s handy!) and also their famous Touche Éclat pen!

Seriously, I’ve heard so much this highlighter, if you’ve been considering it like me than it’s worthwhile thinking about whether you want to get it on sale now (although it’s just reduced £3 from £25 to £22, not sure if the silly postage fee would negate that anyway!). Also, it’s in shade 1, remember to pop by a counter to confirm your shade first. On a side note, I’ve recently bought the Loreal Perfection Magic Concealer pen as I heard it works as a dupe for the Touche Éclat, will keep you posted on that!

There was also a little set including the mascara, touché éclat and a facial primer but that’s sold out now, whow that was quick! Sometimes I wonder if items sell that quick because the site just put 1 of it up so the sale itself seems like it’s in high demand… don’t let ‘sold out’ signs ever fool you into making rash purchases!

Bobbi Brown

Okay, the sale description says it has ‘Bobbi Brown’s signature lip colours’ but I guess by this they actually meant ‘we have 2 Bobbi Brown lipsticks’. They’re in Carnation and Burnt Red, both £4 off from £17 to £13 now.


Three products from Clarins on sale here, their Red Cyrstal Lipbalm (£13), Odyssey Eye-Shadow Quartette (£24) and Everlasting SPF 30 Powder Foundation (£14).


Just one Benefit product and it’s not really their signature one I think, it’s their Cream Shadow Liner in Peach Parfait. You could probably use this as an eye primer too. For £6 (originally £14), I say this is a good deal if you were looking to get it.

Elizabeth Arden

A range of Liz Arden foundations in various shades/colours, all at £12 or £13 down from £20.


Finally, some OPI nail polishes. I’ve never noticed before how funny their nail shade names are! My favourite would be a glittery one called ‘Follow Me on Glitter Nail Polish’, heh, follow me on glitter… that’s going to keep me chuckling for all of today. Anyway, the nails are all £6 which is basically half price for most of them and there’s a range of red/pink shades and also a couple darker ones.

So, if any of those catches your fancy just click here and sign-in to/register for your Secret Sales account to check the sale out for yourself =) And remember to let me know in the comments below if you do!

Much Sales-y Love,


This is the one, Follow Me on Glitter, heh.

This is the one, Follow Me on Glitter, heh.

Do you know any flash sale sites?

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