Quick Lil Deal Alert – Secret Sales Sales-Ception O_o and Yves Rocher Code!

Hello All!

Not much to say but have just received some alerts in my inbox and thought I’d pass the joy on to you guys! Spreadin’ the love and all that.

By the way, has anyone watched Inception? Of course you have. When I saw that Secret Sales was doing an outlet flash sale, it sure felt like a Sales-caption to me…

A flash sale within a flash sale site??

A flash sale within a flash sale site??

But anyway, on to the deals! Firstly, Yves Rocher has a sale on at the moment!


I’m personally not too familiar with them but I hear it’s well fragranced and not a bad buy so if you’re looking to check them out now’s a good time. Also, with each order you get to choose a couple of free gifts that they’ll throw in. PLUS, I have a little voucher code to share with all of you, hurrah!

If you do decide to check out Yves Rocher use this voucher code – 5PARTYR25 – and this will give you £5 off every £25 spent and also free delivery! I received it when I entered their prize giveaway a month or so ago (nope, didn’t win anything!), did anyone else enter that?

Next *drumroll please*, Secret Sales is having a 24-hour only Outlet Flash Sale!


So how the site works is that they run about 4 to 5 flash sales at a time that last around 3 days each. But Secret Sales also have their own designer outlet online store and right now, funnily enough, this flash sale site is having their own flash sale. Sale-ception (like Inception, but with sales).

I’m not really one to get designer or high-end brand items but Secret Sales is one of those flash sale sites that’s well worth signing up to as they cover middle end beauty and fashion brands as well. In the time I’ve been with them there’s been all sorts on sale, from vintage Chanel to Vero Moda (talk about a range!).

So anyway, for just 24 hours their outlet shop has designer dresses, shirts, tops, shoes etc at slashed prices so if you like that sorta thing head over here now. Note that you do have to register with them to access it I believe.

While we’re talking about Secret Sales I might as well add that starting tomorrow (19th July) Secret Sales is opening a Make-Up Must-Haves flash sale! As mentioned, their flash sales typically last just 3 days so sign up soon to have a look =) Or if you can’t be bothered to sign up just check ParsiPenny (not even a week into this blog and I’m already shortening the name…) again tomorrow as I’ll be checking it out and will give you the low-down on it shortly!

Actually, to be very honest, I think I’ve hardly bought anything from the flash sale sites I’m signed up to but I genuinely find it so fun just browsing what they have. Does anyone else do that??

Hope someone gets a good deal out of this post!



A flash sale within a flash sale site??

Get what I mean now?

Let me know if you’ll be using these deals!

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