The Beauty Blender – Overpriced? YES.

Hi All!

I’m sure all of you beauty junkies out there have heard of the legendary ‘Beauty Blender’ *cue epic sound track*. Over the past few months I’ve seen beauty guru after beauty guru praise this product online and also use it in their videos, to be honest I personally think it’s well worth it and that it’s quite a genius idea, omg a round beauty sponge! But the genius of beauty blender sponge is not the point of this review, the experienced beauty bloggers and proper MUA’s out there have probably published enough videos and blogs to prove this.

From left to right, obviously.

Evolution of the Makeup Sponge
(left to right, obviously)

What I did want to say is that the beauty blender is honestly, seriously overpriced. When I first saw it I thought, ‘ooooo coool’ and then I saw the price and I went ‘for a sponge? Ooooo, not coool’ (who’s with me on this?).

To be fair, on the one hand I see fantastic beauty gurus use their beauty blenders for everything from applying their foundation, applying/blending their concealer and then finally blending their highlighter in. It’s genius because the different ends of the sponge can be used for different things and what I love is that, whow, you don’t have to wash the sponge in-between! If it’s a one-sponge-fits-all kinda thing and it’s replacing your foundation brush, concealer brush and whatever blending blush you use then it’s worth the price right? Didn’t you think so too?

And then I stumbled upon one of Wayne Goss’ amazing videos all about how over-hyped the beauty blender is! Please, please watch it here.

The gist of what he says is that the whole beauty blender idea isn’t that new. And that actually, you can get yourself your own lovely, tear-shaped sponge from other stores for just a fraction of the price. There’re dupes available on EBay for less than £2.00 (as I mentioned in my previous post here I love EBay for dupe-finding) and there’re even other versions from other good brands that are a fraction of the price, Boots is selling a Models Co version at 2 for £8.00! At £4/sponge that’s a quarter of what 1 Beauty Blender would cost!!

So, what should we do? All go out and buy some Boots beauty-blender-esque sponges? Stick to the Beauty Blender itself?

There’s 3 options:

1) Get the Beauty Blender anyway. Brand loyalty is a beautiful thing, if you’re happy to give them the extra money just for the sake of it that’s fine, I just want consumers to do so in full knowledge of what they’re doing (like with the brand Apple, Macbooks and iPhones are massively overpriced for the specs they offer but being part of the brand there is a big, big thing and some might say it’s worth the money).

2) Get a cheaper version, that’s probably been around for longer (let’s all thank Goss for the enlightenment).

3) Get a whole other type of sponge that’s coming out in September and which excites me no end!!

Wait, what? Another sponge? YES, you heard right!

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman is releasing the ‘Miracle Complexion Sponge’. I found this out on BritishBeautyBlogger some days back and if you ever want to know the inside, latest scoop on something go-go-go to the BBB blog, it’s amazing, she posts at least 4 times a day so if one of the things she’s posting about doesn’t float your boat, well, one of the other posts is bound too! Read her post about the upcoming Real Techniques sponge here and go to her site in general here.

I really, really want to put a picture of the Miracle Complexion Sponge here but of course it’d all simply be lifted off of the net and I don’t want to do that. So instead, either click on BBB’s blog link above or here for another great post from Do Not Refreeze with some fabulous pictures from many angles.

Goodness, if any of you are still here reading this after feeding you with links to Goss’ and BBB’s pages I think I’ll be surprised. I wouldn’t be (ok, for the sake of maintaining my own readership, I probably shouldn’t say that).

What I loved the most about the new Real Techniques sponge is that it’s not overpriced! In fact, the whole Real Techniques range is massively affordable, you can pick them up at any Boots and when they’re on a 3 for 2 offer you can literally hear the beauty world hyperventilate for joy. When they’re next on an offer, I will tell you. That’s a promise, I will tell you. Even if I’m dying and with one call left I will use that call to give someone the password to this blog and instruct them my dying wish is to post the Real Techniques 3 for 2 offer on this blog. If I have even one reader by then and they nab a deal because of it, I’ll have died happy.

Next thing I love about the Real Techniques sponge (yes, not done gushing about that yet!) is that it has a flat bit. Oh whow, after all the media hype about round, domed sponges totally trumping traditional flat, triangular sponges now we suddenly have a sponge that’s round and flat?? Immense. Why has no one thought of this before? It remains to be seen if the ‘flat bit’ will actually be of any use but I bet it will be, Sam Chapman always has videos showing you how to use her brushes and I’m looking forward to seeing her demo her new sponge!

So that’s it, hope you enjoyed this post and please, please tell me what you think about round sponges, flat sponges, kitchen sink sponges or whatever in the comments below!

Much Beauty-Blending Love,


Don't use this sponge.

Don’t use this sponge.

What’s your experience with beauty-blender-type sponges?

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