Summer Sales Alert – Ebay, Next and Uniqlo

Summer may be the time when most people think of getting a nice tan, flying away to an idyllic beach somewhere, barbeque parties and picnics but for me what really defines summer is the SUMMER SALES.


On the one hand, it’s a little depressing because this means stores are clearing stock for the Autumn ranges and that means Summer is officially ending (cue ‘Winter is coming’ quote for those of you Game of Throne fans out there). But I’m not too depressed. Why? Well, because when summer ends it means we’re one step closer to the Boxing Day sales, right? Yes, I live in an endless cycle of sale-anticipation. It keeps me happy.

Expect to be inundated with a ton of posts about the best bargains at the sales, which sales are the best and how to navigate sales. But for today I’m going to just focus on three stores that I think most people won’t really think of hitting (I assume everyone’s already at the H&M and ASOS sales, part of me thinks ‘when isn’t there a sale at H&M and ASOS anyway??’).


I know when we think a shopping trip or spree Ebay isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, I wonder why though? Whenever I spot something I really want, I almost always compare prices on Ebay first! You can save so much doing this. And if you want something high end on a budget, Ebay is also the place for you! I used to buy all my boots on Ebay because many stores sell their display boots online for a fraction of their retail price and in my experience the ‘mild defect’ that these come with are nothing – a little scratch on the sole or slightly less glossy leather. Honestly, my boots would’ve looked that way after a couple of weeks of wear anyway.

Best thing? EBay is good for both fashion and beauty buys! I’ve been eyeing a bottle of Paula’s Choice BHA 2% Liquid Exfoliant for awhile now (anyone else tried it?) and rather than spend a bomb on the shipping from her website I’m stalking a few bids on EBay, the savings are amazing.

I would also say that shopping on EBay is very secure. I’ve done my fair share of EBay buying and I’ve encountered a few dodgy sales but my money has always been protected and I’ve never been scammed, which is why I’m happy to recommend this to all of you.

EBay’s currently having their summer sale with items up to 60% off, if you’re wondering how that works it basically means all their Top Sellers (top rated and who sell the most I guess?) are offering discounts and as these sellers are also those who are the most likely to have great costumer service it’s a win-win! This also includes some outlets!

But you have to be QUICK! The sale ends TODAY. Goodness, I didn’t realise that or I would have posted about this sooner. Yes, today Wednesday 17th July so hotfoot it over there now, forget about reading the rest of this post, you can read it later, go go go! –!

And if you’ve missed it, go anyway because there’s always a bargain to be found but you can probably wait till after you’ve finished reading this.


Word on the street is that the NEXT sale opened on the 13th and is now available both in-store and online! Personally, I find it a struggle to shop in-store at NEXT, it always seems a bit of a mad rush and clothes strewn on the floor etc etc, don’t even think of getting near a changing room!

But if you’ve got time one weekday afternoon when it might be quieter it’ll be worth popping in, although expect to hunt a bit to find your size. If you can’t be bothered to do that, just shop online!

The best thing though is that with NEXT’s vast selection I think you’ll be able to find at least one thing you’re happy with and will wear (remember, don’t just buy anyway for the sake of it!). Also, after looking around online I realise one important thing: NEXT’s sale is 50% off not up to 50% off. That’s right, so anything that is on sale is at least half off. I do get a little annoyed when stores stick up huge ‘SALE’ signs and then there’s a dinky rack or shelf in the corner with a few items at 10% off. It’s like crushing a bargain-hunters hopes with a very big rock.

So, thank you NEXT, you know what a sale really is! Click here for NEXT.


Not that many people I know are fans of Uniqlo, in fact most of my girlfriends find it a little boring and prefer Topshop, H&M or Zara. Surprisingly, I stumbled upon how good this sale is because of le boyfriend.

So any male readers out there, yes finally something that’s a little geared towards men’s fashion! I know how hard it is to find a decent bargain for men’s clothes, I always endured complaints from my male friends or le boyfriend because of this.

My boyfriend loves Uniqlo (so I guess in a way I’m reviewing this via him?) but what he loves aren’t any cool designs or whatever but that it’s really comfortable! So anyone out there who’s reading, the guy doesn’t have to be a fashionista to love shopping at this place, you just need to like comfy clothes for less (who’s going to argue with that?).

According to him, the jeans are soft enough to die for and after going Uniqlo he couldn’t go back to any others. Also, he adores their T-Shirts (he doesn’t wear much else other than jeans and t-shirts and more jeans and t-shirts and in summer it’s shorts and t-shirts). Some of them have pretty cool designs and the important thing is that the fabric is soft. Finally, one thing Uniqlo does so well that I personally LOVE is their heat-tech stuff! Keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter, how does it do it?? I hate the heat, summer is always far too hot for me and Uniqlo fabric really does keep the sweat and stink away… and doubles up in winter to keep the heat in. It must be some Japanese magic at work, click here to see it for yourself!

We picked up about 4 t-shirts when we swung by the other day and he’s been asking me to go back (whow a guy asking to go shopping!). I’ll remember to do another quick post soon about the shirts we picked up and my top picks from their sale.

So, until next time, happy shopping and see you later!



ps: go to EBay… then come back and tell me what you got!

What are your top summer sale 2013 picks?

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