Quick Lil Deal Alert – Yesstyle Online Free Shipping till July 31st + Anniversary Sale

Hi All!

Just a quick little update post to alert all you fashionistas out there that Yesstyle Online is currently offering FREE international shipping for all their orders till July 31st! Luckily for us, this also coincides with their current Anniversary Sale with discounts going up to 80%.


I had a quick check on their website to confirm it and yes, the free standard shipping does apply for ALL international orders, aka, absolutely any country in the world that you can get a courier out to! It doesn’t matter where in the world you’re reading this from, you can get the offer too. Click here to see for yourself =)

If you’re not familiar with Yesstyle, it’s basically one of the biggest online retailers specialising in clothing, accessories and skincare/makeup from Asia. So if you’re a fan of Korean or Japanese products or fashion, you should definitely check this site out! They have a really impressive range of brands under them and they release new items every season, I also love that they don’t just stock women’s lines but also men’s and children’s, really a one-stop for the whole family.

I’ve personally shopped Yesstyle myself quite a few times and I have absolutely no complaints about the quality of their items or their customer service. The only gripe is that occasionally their delivery takes a little longer than expected. However, if you want to experiment with Asian skincare or makeup brands from out here in London it can be a little tricky and Yesstyle is really one of the best ways to do so!

So, why is this offer so amazing that it warrants its own post? Well, the main thing that gets me with online shopping is having to pay extra for postage. This restricts buyers in a number of ways and mainly people try to make sure they order everything they want to order/buy at the same time to avoid having to buy twice for the shipping (this makes complete sense). I’m not sure if anyone else is the same but this totally stresses me out (okay, maybe am being over-dramatic here, online shopping doesn’t actually stress me out…) because I keep thinking ‘Omg, I need to make sure I’ve browsed EVERYthing and I’ve got EVERY CONCEIVABLE THING that I could POSSIBLY want to buy NOW because I can only make an order ONCE’, it’s turning my YOLO life into a YOOO life (You Only Order Once). Sometimes I think I might not really want a product but I stick it in anyway thinking I’m saving on paying for shipping twice.

The great thing about this offer is that there’s No Minimum Spend! Hooray! You can browse around at your leisure, decide to get something today and if you’re unsure about getting something else you can save it for later (well, till July 31st anyway).

This also coincides with the recent hype about Asian products, ie BB Creams and CC Creams and all that jazz. Perfect timing.



UPDATE: Just doing a bit more research online and it seems like some of the stuff sold on Yesstyle under the more unknown types of brands could actually be sourced from other online retailers or cheaper Asian-based stores that sell that item for much cheaper! So if you happen to be based in Asia, Yesstyle shouldn’t be your first option, for items look in Daiso first. It’s probably safer to stick to just buying recognisable brands on Yesstyle, it’s still the one-stop solution for those of us based in the West to get our hands on Asian makeup/skincare!

Any fellow Yesstyle fans out there?

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