July Beauty Magazine Freebies + Review Part 2

Alright! So, as promised, here is the 2nd instalment of the July Beauty Magazine Freebies Rundown + Reviews! So, the next 4 mags we’re going to cover are Company, Marie Claire, Red and Tatler.

Let’s get to it!



Usual Mag Price: £3.80


Eyeko Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner Black, 1.2g. Estimated worth would be £6 (based on the 2g version retailing at £10, thanks to the guys at MSE-MoneySavingExpert for this again!).

Is it worth it:

Do the math, yes!


I’ve not heard of Eyeko before, considering the brand has the word ‘eye’ in their name you’d think they’re leaders in eye make-up or something. However, this liquid liner has gotten some VERY mixed reviews online! Even from people who’ve received it as a freebie (and you’re usually more forgiving with your freebies). Okay, so the pro’s are that the pen format and sharp nib make for very easy application (you can get your detailed wing-tipped looks with this!). The con’s are that half the people who’ve used it say it just doesn’t stay on although the other half says it won’t budge or smudge, hmmm… Oh, and the eyeliner itself apparently dries out VERY easily.

Would I get it?

No. I actually needed an eye-liner as my favourite one just dried out and the boyfriend helpfully spotted this mag for me and asked if I wanted to get it for the freebie (he knows me so well…). I was very tempted but the mixed reviews put me off, I’d rather spend a little more and get a full-sized version of an eye-liner that I know would be worth the spend (ie. one of the Loreal liners, they’re amazing). If the mag had been on offer or much cheaper I might’ve gotten it just to try it out.



Usual Mag Price:

£2.00 [NOTE: This is the JULY edition of Company, so it may will not be in stock any more but I stuck this in anyway as they don’t have an offer in August and it can’t hurt to keep an eye out for it.]


A make-up bag. The RP is hard to guess on this one as it’s not from any particular brand and it seems to be Company’s own designs (the bags also have ‘Company’ on them). Could be worth anything from £5 to £15 I guess!

Is it worth it:

Yes! Make-up bags are such handy little things and for £2 that’s a bargain.


Well, it’s pretty hard to review a make-up bag… however, from what I can see online it seems the material isn’t too flimsy, there’s a main compartment plus a little front pocket and it can fit in quite a few products. Basically, it can hold your make-up, that’s what we want from a make-up bag, right? Personally, I think the designs are alright, nothing amazing.

Would I get it?

Yes! Worth the money. If you need a make-up bag and aren’t picky about your designs, get it!


Usual Mag Price: £4.00


Ren skincare travel set, consisting of 1 Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Gel (15ml), 1 Rosa Vita-Mineral day cream (10ml) and 1 Frankincense Revitalising night cream (3ml). Based on the full size cost prices this would be worth around £8.62.

Is it worth it:

At almost half a price of what it would cost (50% discount!) and taking into consideration travel sizes are always more expensive anyway, definitely a yes.


I’ve heard a lot about Ren lately and all three of these little products have gotten really good reviews. Personally, I don’t think a cleansing gel needs to be too high-end (as long as it gets you clean without stripping away too much from your face, any minerals/vitamins/added benefits aren’t going to stay on your face long enough to make a difference!!) but the two creams do look like genuinely great products to have.

Would I get it?

Oooo, tough one! Yes because it’s genuinely a good deal and great if you want to try out Ren products just to sample them for the first time (or if you’ve plans to travel soon!). But ultimately no, this is probably personal bias, I just think drugstore alternatives can do just as well for a fraction of the price per ml!



Usual Mag Price: £4.10 [NOTE: this is another one that might not still be around!]


More of a fashion than a beauty related freebie, you can a free pair of sunglasses with these, hard to calculate the retail price at all! Shades are all the same style but available in 5 colours.

Is it worth it:

Probably yes, I can’t imagine that Tatler would bung in a cheap, tacky pair of shades so you’re probably getting your money’s worth.


Tatler did the same freebie deal last year and the sunglasses back then were comfy, stylish and sturdy. Word on the net is that this year’s are the same, so it seems these shades are good! However, you really need to consider your personal face shape when choosing a pair of sunnies and you can’t try these on.

Would I get it?

No. If I wanted shades I totally would! But I just don’t wear them enough. If you love your summer sunglasses and want a pair that looks stylish yet are cheap enough that you can wear without worrying about losing them (at a festival or something), this would be a must-get.

And that’s all for July’s beauty magazine freebie and reviews!! Seriously, it’s doing my head in how the August issues of mags are available in July… I keep getting confused and a little worried that I’m reviewing something old or something that’s not out yet.

Stay tuned for future posts! I’ve loads in the pipeline that are buzzing like a nest of angry hornets in my brain (*write me! write me!*), including a run-down of what freebie competitions are on at the moment and beauty budget tips!



Now all the mag freebies are out, which is your personal favourite?

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2 thoughts on “July Beauty Magazine Freebies + Review Part 2

  1. Hi Penny, great post!! I never know what offers to go for, I wanna go for it all, lol. Am going get the Ren kit from Red I think… xoxoxo

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