July Beauty Magazine Freebies + Review Part 1

So, after a long introductory post about how this blog is all about finding and reviewing top budget beauty deals I didn’t want to just leave the blog with no posts about deals whatsoever. Also, I chose July to start this blog because that’s when summer sale season descends upon us all but unwittingly it’s not almost 2 weeks into July!! How time flies!

I’d better get my act together and bring you the magazine freebies for this month before the month is actually OVER and this entire post becomes a moot point. Wait, what’s a magazine freebie you ask? Ah, one of my pet topics…

I don’t know when it started but let’s say once upon a time, before the age of the internet, beauty and fashion magazines were must-have’s and entirely important. Even back then some magazines would offer little beauty sample sachets or mini-products free to their loyal customers. TODAY, however, it’s a whole new market, a consumer’s market, and with almost all the info you need to know available for free online, magazines now have to find ways to entice readers that the internet cannot fulfil and what better way than to give out FREEBIES!

Did someone say FREEBIE?

That’s right, you heard right! These days almost every magazine gives out a freebie every month! And this isn’t just for beauty magazines, I’ve spotted kids’ magazines giving out free toys, cooking magazines with free cookbooks and even a paper doll hobbyist magazine giving out free, er, paper. But of course, we’re mostly interested in the beauty magazines, aren’t we?

But just because it’s a freebie doesn’t mean it makes the magazine worth buying! Remember 2 important rules in freebie-nabbing: (1) Do your research and (2) Get it if you were going to get it anyway. Of course, coming to my blog and reading this counts as research so for all you lovely readers you just need to remember rule (2).

So here’s this month’s run-down of magazine freebies plus my valuation of how much everything costs, review of the products and whether it’s worth the buy! By the way, it’s worth it to note that most magazines release their next month’s issue a month in advance. So the August issues are now out BUT the July issues might still be floating around. What’s listed below is basically the latest issue of each magazine. You’ll see the freebie packaged with the magazine so it’ll be easy to spot if it’s the right one or not =)

Without further ado, in alphabetical order:


Cosmo’s Nip + Fab July freebie

Usual Mag Price: £3.50


Nip + Fab beauty product. Either the Bust Fix 45ml (worth £7.30), Dry Leg Fix 45ml (worth £4.60) or the Body Glow Fix, 55ml (worth £2.70).

Is it worth it:

From a pure monies point of view, it wouldn’t be worthwhile buying the mag just for the Body Glow Fix (which is cheaper than the cost price) but the other two would be worth your money!


I’m not that familiar with either the Nip + Fab range or Rodial but some research shows that the Bust Fix does seem to work and most customers are happy with it! So if you’re planning a big bikini day out at the beach might be worth trying this out, it’s also the one that’s most value for money in this deal!

Apparently, the Dry Leg Fix does the job but just as well as any cheaper drugstore alternative would do (and a drugstore alternative would still work out cheaper than the freebie unless you managed to get the mag at a discount). Also it has the downside of being a little strong-smelling and that has put quite a few people off.

As for the Body Glow Fix, apparently this is a very good little self-tanner, so well worth a try if you want to show off a summer tan or keep your tan when the weather goes south. But as it’s not worth the mag price only get it if you’re wanting to get the mag anyway.

Would I get it?

No. I’ve heard great things about Nip + Fab and if I wanted perkier busts I would probably go for the Bust Fix as it’s really a good deal but I simply don’t think my bosoms need any perking up.


Harpers Bazaar L’Occitane Freebie

Usual Mag Price: £4.00


L’Occitane Precious Cream Moisturiser 15ml. The mag says it’s worth £15 but as the lovely folks over at MSE (MoneySavingExpert, check them out they’re awesome!!) have pointed out, the full size of 50ml is £43 so the 15ml size is actually worth closer to £13. BUT then again ‘travel-size’ products have always cost more per ml than the larger sized versions and that’s something to keep in mind as well.

Is it worth it:

Monetarily, DEFINITELY. Yes.


I do love L’Occitane products, probably because my mother’s a fan and I’m just more familiar with their range. I do think they get the job done and I actually did once buy the eye-cream from their Precious Cream range (this is before I found out that eye cream is probably just an industry scam but more on that another time!). I was pretty happy with the eye cream, it felt moisturising and did the job! The main downside with L’Occitane is that they’re just so darn expensive and I believe that for a fraction of the usual cost price a drugstore product would do just as well (Olay and Nivea both do good moisturisers) or even a cheaper counter product (like Clinique’s Dramatically Moisturising Moisturiser, that’s really good, I’ve used that myself and it also has some rave reviews).

Would I get it?

Yes. The main downside to L’Occitane is the price and so since it’s now selling for a quarter of the usual cost price I would totally get this! If you need a moisturiser right now, if you want to try out L’Occitane or if you need a little travel-sized moisturiser (you can keep the travel-sized tub after you finish the product!), then GO for it!


Glamour’s Balance Me Freebies

Usual Mag Price: £2.00


1 Balance Me product; either the Super Toning body wash, 100ml (worth £4.10), Pure Skin face wash, 50ml (worth £6.40), Moisture-rich face cream, 20ml (worth £9.60) or the Tinted lip salve, 10ml (£12). Once again prices are helpfully sourced by the MSE people by comparing the products to larger sized versions, I really do love MSE and will do a post all about how they’re a God-send to bargain hunters.

Is it worth it:

Glamour is usually the cheapest mag out there with the best deals (last month they did an amazing ModelCo deal, unfortunately this blog wasn’t around then BUT if you spy a July edition of Glamour floating around those are the ones with the ModelCo freebies, the latest one out now is the August edition. Confusing…). So anyway, yes, it’s worth it and with Glamour it’s usually always worth it.


Balance Me is another range I’m not personally familiar with but reviews show that all 4 products are scented, avoid if you like scent-free products! The lip salve in particular has a strong rose scent. I’ve heard that everything is definitely moisturising and based on what I’ve read I would avoid the face wash if you have oily/combination skin as it probably won’t leave your skin feeling as clean as you’d like. To be honest, I think there are drugstore alternatives for all 4 above products that would work just as well.

Would I get it?

No. Price-wise it’s a great deal so by all means go for it if you’ve been wanting to try out Balance Me or simple need a new body wash, face wash, cream or lip salve. However, I don’t need any of those products right now and what I’ve read about Balance Me isn’t tempting enough for me to try this freebie out as there aren’t that many reviews out there (no news isn’t good news in this industry!) and some reviews are a little mixed.


InStyle’s Rituals Perfection Volume Mascara

Usual Mag Price: £3.90


Rituals Perfection Volume Mascara 3.5ml. The mag has valued it at £8 but as the full-size 14ml version costs £13 per ml the freebie is worth £3.25, cheeky! Once again, the valuation was done by MSE (you should probably just assume that most of the numbers related info in this post was sourced from MSE. Now head over there, you’ll love it).

Is it worth it:

Even taking into account that travel-sized products cost more per ml than full sized versions, the difference between £8 and £3.25 is a bit much! This sample sized version is probably not for sale and is also probably the sort of size that would be given out as part of a promotion or offer (ie. spend £25 and get a free sample sized mascara type of offer), so I guess it’s sort of exclusive. But still I have to say no, not worth it.


This mascara has been getting good reviews, apparently the formulae is really no-clumpy (that should be a word, just for mascaras) and really does what it says in the volumising department! Bloggers have compared it to the Lancôme Hypnose Drama and Maybelline mascaras. I must say I’m tempted…

Would I get it?

No. I actually want to give the mascara a try now but it makes much more economical sense to pick up the actual product than the sample sized one, added to the fact that Instyle works out to be one of the more expensive mags, I couldn’t bring myself to get this! I might pick up the mascara itself next time there’s an offer on though…

Right, that’s all for now! Mainly because it’s late and I have to be up early tomorrow. Stay tuned for Part 2 which will cover 4 more mags: Company, Tatler, Marie Claire and Red!

Much Love,


So, what magazine freebie do you think you’ll go for this month? Let me know!

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